[Trans] Kim Kyu Jong Handwritten Letter To Oh Se Jung in Strong Heart

Last January 3rd and 10th, Strong Heart aired with SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong as one of the guests. He met his long-time ideal girl, Oh Se Jung. One of the highlight was Kyu Jong reading his handwritten letter to Se Jung. I am not surprised because I know Kyu Jong is really warm hearted. Although, it is somewhat mushy, I did feel his sincerity and respect for her.

[Trans] Kim Kyu Jong Handwritten Letter To Oh Se Jung During Strong Heart Broadcast

Source: Korean portal
Chinese Trans: Kim Kyu Jong Baidu Bar
Eng Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

Singer Kim Kyu Jong wrote a letter to his ideal type, Oh Se Jung, which aroused the curiosity of the audience.

Kim Kyu Jong is 1 of the special guest for the Special New Year segment for Strong Heart stated, “I love white envelopes and letters, because the writings on the paper will be clearer” and he took out a letter. The content of the letter:

“Hi, I am Kim Kyu Jong. Never would have thought that one day I will be able to write a letter to noona. When I 1st saw noona was during my high school, in a blink of an eye, now I am 20 over years of age. During that time, seeing you made my heart moved, it is like I have fallen in love and I always have this silly grin on my face, this is how I went thru my high school life. I hope to become a singer, to move other people just like how noona moved me. To realize this dream is to become a singer. After some time, I debuted officially. One day, we coincidentally run into each other outside, after which we started to contact each other via emails. The emails which noona wrote to me, made me have new dreams again. As I continued my singer activities and learning performing arts, I started to exchange letters with noona. Whenever I feel weary or down, you always console me and advising me that finding out for feelings is a very tough matter, even though learning is important, but experience is also important. Thus have to read more books, watch more movies, listen to more different genres of music, travel more and try to get into relationship, experience what falling in love is like.”

Kim Kyu Jong continued:

“Thus, I always went traveling alone, watch movies alone. All along I don’t really like reading but now I have slowly learn to love reading. Due to your advise and blessing, now I am learning performing arts happily and also enjoying new challenges. Hope that you will always remember that I will always support you. The day when we can sit down to drink some tea, having a chit-chatting session will come right? If noona were to find a good guy and marry, must remember to invite me, I will give you my heartfelt blessings. Really very grateful to you.”

After receiving the handwritten letter from Kim Kyu Jong, Oh Se Jung says, “I thought that he will write this indifferently, never thought that he will think in this way. Really wanna thank him.”

After which Oh Se Jung disclosed that her actual age is 12 years apart from the 87 year born Kim Kyu Jong, making everyone to be surprised.

Video of Kim Kyu Jong reading the letter:

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