Another dinner with Chinggus at Min Sok Korean Restaurant

Another Korean dinner with my chinggus after the Korean boyband, ZE:A, event last January 13 at Min Sok. It is a house converted to a restaurant. It is simple but an authentic Korean Restaurant I must say.

We keep coming back to Min Sok for their meat dishes, especially their samgyupsal. I think the secret is with their home-made Ssamjang (soybean paste dipping sauce),which tastes better from other restaurants I have tried.

Samgyupsal P300 (pork)

Chadolbaki P350 (beef)

Short ribs P490

All these of course with UNLIMITED lettuce.

For every order of two meats, you get a free bowl of Deunjang Jjiagae. So, we ordered four meats and got two bowls free.

Deunjang Jjiagae P220 (bean paste vegetable stew)

What I love about Korean restaurants are their Banchan (side dishes) and yeah, it is unlimited.

The famous mixed rice which you can see at Korean dramas.

Bibimbap P250 (rice mixed with meat, vegetables, an egg, and chili pepper paste)

Kalguksu P250 (soup made with hand-style noodles and seafood)

Seafood Jeon P250 (seafood and green onion pancake), which is also one of my favorite.

We were a total of 12 and paid only P3000+. That was for 4 orders of meats, 3 bibimbap, 1 deunjang jjiagae, 1 jeon, and 1 kalgukso. ~~ Cheap and yummy Korean food. I can’t wait to come back.


LOCATION: Min Sok is a hole in the wall restaurant which you would not find unless you go into the side streets.  It is located at Don Pedro Street, Makati.  When you’re at Kalayaan Ave, you have to turn to the street where Mini-Stop is. It is near Grilla Grill.


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