Kim Hyun Joong held his ‘2012 KIMHYUNJOONG Fanmeeting in Seoul’

This was supposed to be my article at gokpop but was not chosen so I’ll be posting it here, tho I edited it for a blog entry.

Kim Hyun Joong held his ‘2012 KIMHYUNJOONG Fanmeeting in Seoul’ at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium last Saturday, January 21, with 6,000 fans in attendance.  The uniform fee was only 20,000 won as requested by him to his company, Keyeast, as a form of fan service. Wahh… How I wish I was there.

There was a talk show segment and it did involve him giving advice to fans’ worries. One lucky fan’s worry was picked and he asked her to go up the stage and sang her, ‘Fortunate’. Lucky fan indeed.

He surprised his fans when he brought his dogs, Matic (male) and Art (female), to the stage. He showed tricks learned by them at the training school.  He also said when he has time, he spends 2-hr a day to take the dogs for walk and give dog massages. His 4Dness strikes again when he put the mic to the dog. He said in a TV guesting in October that he can understand Korean dogs but not foreign dogs.

Here is a video when he brought the dogs on stage.

He performed 13 songs plus 2 encore songs. Lucky fans, it was like a small-scale concert. He dedicated the song, LOVE, by Jo Jang Hyuk to the fans.

Here is the video of his performance of LOVE. Gosh, I always fall for this song every time he sings this and he consistently improves on the notes. Hyun Joongie!!!!

He thanked his fans for spending the New Year holiday with him and added, “I will become a Kim Hyun Joong that will be able to pay you back with more than what you have given me. I will try my best to show you my best side on the stage and various projects.” Ahhh…Hyun Jongie, you’re just so sweet.


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