[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong’s New Year message(16th) at his KOB

After a successful, “2012 Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting in Seoul “, yesterday at Jamsil Stadium, he zipped off to Japan today leaving a New Year message at his KOB (http://hyun-joong.com). His 4Dness strikes again telling his fans not to see him off at the airport or else they will regret it. So, I’m wondering was there any brave fan who sent him off? We, Triple S and Henecians, are such followers of he says.

Good luck Hyun Joong’ssi on your Japan solo debut, I know it will be a daebak! How I wish I could be there especially on your show at the Yokohama Arena on Feb 5.


[Trans] “from H.J” – 16th Story
Translation by: Wonderrrgirl

Happy new year^^

I’m going to Japan………………….^^ I’ll go and come back eating lots of kyudong (rice with beef & egg) and ramyeon. My heart is pounding as I am looking forward to the food on the plane. I went to bed early and woke up at 6:32am -.-;;

I’ve nothing to do… I’ve already packed my bag…keke.. and showered.

Its new year so don’t come send me off at the airport and rest keke.. Even if you don’t come I will be okay with it. Today I will be indifferent and if the photos don’t come out well, don’t regret it^^ Yesterday was fun, right????????

I had a great time too keke. The staff had a great time too keke. Anyway everyone do take care of your health this year and don’t let yourself be sick.

I hope everyone will be filled up with the things that makes you smile.

Today’s main topic is Happy New Year…….. keke, and don’t come to the airport, just rest keke



Apparently, there were almost 100 of fans waiting for him at Gimpo airport and according to tweets, most were Japanese and some were on the same flight with him going to Japan. They attended his fan meeting. As he said, he will be cold..nahh….he couldn’t help but wave and smile to the fans. He was just happy for the support and this is what happened.


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