Brian Joo’s new album ‘Brian ReBorn Part_1’ with Collaborations

Brian Joo recently released his new album ‘Brian Reborn Part_1‘ and I’m super loving it. The album is out on iTunes (this is the link to the US Store) – the track with Flowsik of Aziatix is #4 titled “Let This Die” and the track with Jay Park and Dumfoundead is #5 titled “Can’t Stop”. This album is released world wide. Search for the album by typing ‘Brian Reborn’ in the search field.

Here are my two favorites. These are for promotional use only. I still support legal downloading.

CAN’T STOP – Brian Joo feat. Jay Park & Dumbfoundead

LET THIS DIE – Brian Joo feat. Flowsik From Aziatix

How I wish there would be a special stage for Korean-American born artists. Would it be nice to watch Aziatix, Brian Joo, Jay Park, Dumbfoundead, Tiger JK, etc. ~ Awesome!!!


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