[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong’s 7th Message at his KOB – “I Am A Germ”

Kim Hyun Joong left a message at his Korean webby yesterday while in Japan busy with the promos of his Japanese solo debut album, KISS KISS.

Again, his 4dness strikes again. He called himself a GERM. ~~~Hyun Joongie, if you’re a germ, what a cute germ you are and I am willing to be infected by you, ~~~ or should I say I have been infected by you for so long now. This simple crazy little thing you do really makes you adorable.

But I’m kind of sad with the words ~ Shall we run for 3 and a half years, and go into extinction? ke…  Is he hinting on planning on enlisting the military in the next 3-1/2 years? Well, it’s mandatory, so we will just enjoy this 3-1/2 years.

Here is his message about being a germ!

[Translation[ Kim Hyun Joong’s 17th message on KOB
SOURCE: http://hyun-joong.com
Translation: Wonderrrgirl / http://wonderrrland.wordpress.com

Hee…. How have you all been? I’m in Japan now. hehehe.
Even though you already know this from the news articles, broadcasts and the internet, I’m living very well… hehe
The day before, the executive director bought me a germ-killing air freshener, and placed it on my bedside. ^^
Thank you

However, from yesterday until now, my headache has been more severe….
Therefore, don’t tell me that it’s because of that (air freshener).
I removed it and ….oh my god…… my headache disappeared…….;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
So I am the germs…… omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You all are now liking germs keke
Be careful….. I am a bad germ…. puahahahaha
Food is here, I have to eat it, right…
Goodbye ^^ Thank you Henecia & Triple.

Because of all of you, I’m running from 2012 onwards,
I’ll show you all what I’m running for this year too.
You’ll stop being a fan because of being worn out by me kekekeke

Shall we run for 3 and a half years, and go into extinction? ke
I’m going to eat now!!!
Bye people…… ㅜㅜ I am a germ.


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