Aziatix Ustream February 24, 2012

The recorded version of the live streaming of Aziatix in Utream is finally out. I missed it coz I was asleep, so thankful for this. As always, awesome streaming with the boys. Lucky fans who got the calls and they enjoyed calling the fans. Too bad Eddie‘s microphone was not working and he and Nicky had to share. Flowsik as always Dara of 2ne1 fanboy and I just hope he get the chance to be formally introduced to her, and there goes his sweet potatoes addiction. If he comes here in the Philippines, I should give him that, plus of course their(Eddie and him) fave, dried mangoes.

They are currently in the US for their US Tour and here is the poster for that. Hoping for an Asian Tour next so that I can finally see them perform live! Yeah, Aziatix All Day!



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