Highlights of My SS501 Boys Solo Careers in 2011 and 2012 Good Start

When SS501 members did not renew their contract with DSP and went solos, we Triple S were sad. But now, with them pursuing their solo careers, we have seen their growth as an artist and as a person. I couldn’t be more happy about that, but I do miss them together as one so much.

Last year, all members released their solo albums and had successful individual projects. So here were the highlights of their activities and the good start of 2012 of their solo careers.

KIM HYUN JOONG, my bias, of course is the most successful. After successfully releasing two Korean mini-albums last year, Breakdown and Lucky and winning several awards last year with Best Solo Male artist in MAMA 2011, successfully debuted his first solo Japanese album Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy last February 2012 setting a record in the Oricon daily chart on the first day of release with 72,000 copies sold, highest amongst foreign artists since 2009, and making it Gold with 100,000 copies plus sold after a week. He had a fanmeet to commemorate his Japan debut at Yokohama Arena attended by 20,000 fans with the profits donated to charity. He also became the second Korean artist to endorse a Japan cosmetic brand, Slim Beauty House. Now, it has been announced that he will have a solo world tour to kick off third week of September in Seoul with 20 cities worldwide, with about 30~40 concerts, a 6-month project, ending in Busan in 2013.

HEO YOUNG SAENG had a successful joint Asian tour with Kyu Jong, Kim Kyu Jong & Heo Young Saeng and Story.  His debut solo mini-album, Let It Go, was released in May 2011. In November and December, he made his theatrical musical debut in The Three Muskeeters, which he won praises on his performances. He had been casted in the KBS sitcom I Need a Fairy which will kick-off on February 27th at KBS2.  It has been reported that he will be joining Immortal Song 2. There are reports that he is also preparing for his second solo album.

KIM KYU JONG after the Asian tour with Young Saeng also debuted as a solo artist in September 2011 with his mini-album, Turn Me On. He made his musical debut in Goong playing the lead role of Crown Prince Lee Shin, which he was greatly loved by the audience and had stages both in Korea and in Japan. He made his drama debut as a support cast along with his love intereset F(x) Luna in the TV Chosun cable drama Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil, which his acting had been getting attention.

PARK JUNG MIN debuted as solo artist with his mini-album, Not Alone, last January 2011. He was casted in a musical Bonds Of Boys in Japan as an exchange student. He also was in a Japanese mini-drama, Love Song in August. His management, CNR, a sister company of Angie Cai’s Comic Ritz, who is the mother of Taiwan dramas, casted him in a Taiwanese drama, Fondant Garden, along with Taiwanese actors, Jian Man Shu and Kingone Wang. He stayed in Taiwan for more than six months to shoot and had been patiently learning to speak Chinese. The drama premiered last night and he will be going back to Korea to prepare for his next solo album.

KIM HYUNG JUN released his solo debut mini-album, My Girl, last March 2011 and signed with Avex in Japan and had a successful Japan tour. He and his brother, Kim KiBum(former UKISS member) had been doing well on their business and both hold the status as CEOs with their character business HnB Company. Their famous characters right now are Piro-Piro and Siro-Siro. He recently debuted as an actor in a KBS N cable drama, Glowing She, which the pilot episode caught attention the most with his topless bed scene, shocking fans since he is the maknae(youngest) of the group. It also has been getting good ratings for a cable drama and is set to premier in Japan this March.

So much for that, yeah my boys are having a good start this year. Looking forward for more activities and as what we always say, we your fans will be patiently waiting for a group comeback. TRUST and BELIEVE! SS501-LOVE.


2 responses to “Highlights of My SS501 Boys Solo Careers in 2011 and 2012 Good Start

  1. gtk February 27, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    its so good to see that the 5 young man are persuing their career life, i believe at these moment the 5 of them wanted to further develope their strength and are building up to establish themself .

    For leader he already knows where his strength is and he is tapping on it and pushing further to widen his boarder to establish himself globally. I wish him success in his world tour. Leader be very strong and courages move on and do you best. God Bless You hundred fold bessing and success in your in your world tour

    For Young Saeng – he has proven his ability in acting and young saeng after losing his baby fats, now he has a very unique look when his smile with great chrisma . young saeng also got very good showmanship when he is on stage .likewise Kyu Jong is also building up and establishing himself in acting. with many fans looking forward to him.
    once young saeng and kyu jong sing with confident with no reservation go with the flow i believe
    their fans and more fans will create a storm in the entertainment industry. God Bless both of you with wisdom and bountiful blessing in whatever you do.

    for jung min and hyung jun, they have their ways to create and establish themself and are working hard
    God Bless both of you.

    I believe one day the 5 of them after they have all established and build a name for themself, they might gather together for their SS501 fans and for longtime sake they may create and have a fun concert for all their fans. And just imagin what will happen, not only SS501 fans, their individual fans will come and see them,
    i think they will stir like a whirlwind. this is only my evaluation , ha ha ha

    • bubblemarai March 1, 2012 at 10:15 am

      hi thanks for the comment. yeah there will be one day when ALL FIVE of them performing in one stage to coz a whirlwind as you said. I’m very proud of what the boys had become in their individual careers.

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