Directions to Kim Hyung Jun’s and Allen Kim(KiBum)’s HnB Company

This is already closed!

For SS501 fans, HnB is the name that Hyung Jun’ssi and Ki Bum’ssi use if they’re working a song together, but in September 2010, they ventured into a character business with their company called, HnB Company, making themselves CEOs. Their famous characters are Piro Piro and Siro Siro.

So when in Seoul, fans should visit HnB Company and buy something Piro Piro or Siro Siro there. We might have the chance to see KiBum, their Eomma, or Hyung Jun there.

HnB’s website:

HnB’s twitter:

KiBum’s twitter:

Hyung Jun’s twitter:

Order online through here:

5th floor #501…Sweet Baby

English Address:
501 YooJin Building
13-7 NonHyeon-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-010

Korean Address:
서울시 강남구 논현동 13-7
유짐빌딩 501호

Thanks to @hl2412 at twitter for making this graphic on how to go to their company.


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