Shinhwa’s Comeback Press Conference Highlights/Full Video

On March 5, Korea’s longest running group Shinhwa with members Jun Jin, Shin Hye Sung, Eric, Lee Min Woo, Kim Dong Wan and Andy held a press conference that was streamed live via Mnet Global.

In the press conference, the members talked about the past and future of the group, their new program Shinhwa Broadcast to air on cable jTBC, their 10th comeback album and concert and Asia Tour.

Eric, head CEO of Shinhwa Company, caught the attention when he said, “I want to thank SM Entertainment President Lee Soo Man for producing the group Shinhwa, and head CEO Park Gun Hyung, who let us stay together after leaving SM Entertainment.” He added, “We also thank our fans who stood by us and supported us for 14 long years. We will continue to be active in the center of the music industry and will lead by example for our hoobaes“. “As our fans age alongside us, I realize that a masterpiece is not created overnight. Our tradition will be recognized as refined elegance. Please continue to support us.”

Kim Dong Wan said that the reason they were able to stay together for such a long time was luck. “In the 14 years we were active, we never tried to go against the situation given us. No members tried to avoid promoting as Shinhwa because of their solo ventures and no members avoided promoting solo because of Shinhwa. This is all thanks to those who helped us along, and our fans.

On male idol they like. The members answered Teen Top, the idol group that Shinhwa member Andy produced, which they said was the most like themselves, working hard and far from perfect. They also said they are keeping an eye on Big Bang.

On female idol group they like. Jun Jin said, “I’ve met Girls’ Generation members since they were still elementary school students. I felt as if I was their elder cousin. Thank you so much for growing up so beautifully. Especially Hyoyeon and Jessica, these two girls used to write and sent letters to us while we were having our activities back then. It’s great to know that things are working out well for them.”

Shin Hye Sung said, “In our 2008 Shinhwa concert, we promised our fans that we would come back after the members finished serving their duties. I’m happy that we got to keep that promise.The news that our concert had sold out was also surprising. It’s an extraordinary concert. We’re working hard for it.”

The group will have a comeback concert The Return to be held on its 14th anniversary on March 24th and 25th at the Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul Olympic Garden and will tour many countries with concert dates confirmed: Shanghai (April 30th) Taiwan (May 12th) Guangzhou (May 26th) Tokyo (May 29th-30th) Kobe (June 2nd) Beijing (July 7th).

Credits: ShinhwaForeverSF

There are 6 parts of the subbed version, follow the next parts at ShinhwaForeverSF@youtube. 🙂




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