My Thoughts on JYJ’s and Kim Hyun Joong’s Sasaeng Fans

Last weekend, Dispatch had released a controversy regarding JYJ cursing and being violent to their Sasaeng fans.

So, what does the word ‘Sasaeng’ means? It stands for fans who keep watch on celebrities’ every move aside from their official schedules and follow them with excessive obsession to their houses, companies, restaurants they frequent, salons, etc. invading their privacy.  Another related word to that is ‘Satek’ which refers to a taxi(usually vans) that drives Sasaeng fans to follow celebrities, short for Sasaeng Taxi, which in Korean they pronounce taxi as ‘teksi’. Sateks also target international fans mostly from Japan and China who are willing to pay a much higher price.

Here is the controversial JYJ audio released by Dispatch.

After listening to the audio, it is apparent that there had been some violence.  You can hear that the fans were in close proximity with them.  But who really knows what those fans were doing? JYJ/TVXQ has the largest and craziest Sasaeng fans in the KPOP industry and some of these include collecting their menstrual blood and gave it to the boys, getting them involved in the car accident, stalling CCTV, sneaking into their apartments, kissing them on the lips and touching their private parts, knowing their phone numbers, and many more. Who in their right mind would give their menstrual blood to the boys? JYJ are still humans and they were such a huge nuisance and what did they expect? There would be no violence if they were not provoked.

In December 2010, JYJ’s Yoochun and Jaejoong did give ill feelings to Sasaeng fans.

Yoochun wrote on his twitter:  “It’s so annoying. People in front of my house, please go back. No matter how hard I think, you are like anti-fans.” He continued, “It’s really hard to put up with and I hate it.”  He also mentioned, “Satek, Sasaeng, please do not try to find us this time, please I beg you!!!”

Jaejoong on his twitter also wrote about Sasaeng and Satek.  “I understand that they want to see more of us, but this is not the way of loving us.”  He added, “I think Sasaeng-Taxi is even worse social evil. Would you do this to your own children or family?” He mentioned that they even had car accidents, but they even saw smiles on the glass of Sateks.

My Cass friends said the audio were from JYJ’s SME days. So why it did only came out now? Is this fabricated? Coincidentally, JYJ was heading to South America for an event and they were not in S.Korea when it came out to defend themselves.

In the press conference in Chile, they explained about the hardships that they had gone through right after their debut and stated that the Sasaeng fans had been following them every single day for the past 8 years.  Jaejoong stated, “I am sorry that many fans have been heart-sick due to this issue. From now on, we will try our best to endure it and think anout the people who love us. We will never collapse and falter even when we have a traumatic and hard time. We would do our best to repay fans that look after us and continue to believe in us.


With the above, Nate then released a video and reported how Kim Hyun Joong treated his Sasaeng fans, which most fans including me felt bad. Why do they have to write and somehow compare JYJ and KHJ? They are even the closest of friends in the industry. I’m not a certified Cass but I love JYJ/TVXQ because my friends love them, they are in my opinion the #1 KPOP group, and most of all my #1 KPOP bias Hyun Joong loves them. It might have caused a stir between Triple S and Cass fans. Good thing, we fans were so open minded about it. Looking at KHJ’s video, it is apparent that those were not Sasaeng fans but fans who just waited outside the studio to catch a glimpse and take a fancam. The article didn’t even mention the other member Kim Kyu Jong who also did a 45-degree bow to the fans. JYJ and KHJ were in totally different situations.

As a fan of KHJ who I myself had a chance to follow him, to date he did not have an incident of ill treating his fans as he is unfortunate that he really does not have Sasaeng fans to the extent that JYJ’s Sasaeng fans do.  KHJ somehow knows how to discipline his fans and his fans respects him. During the Lunar New Year this year, a day after his fan meet in Seoul, he posted on his website in the morning that he will be going that day to Japan and that advised fans not to see him off at the airport or else they will regret it coz he will not smile and that the pictures/videos would not come out well. But, of course fans did not follow him and went to the airport to see him off and wish him to have a successful event in Japan.  All he could do was to smile and wave at them.

KHJ mentioned in an interview that the worst thing that a Sasaeng fan of his did was to go to his house and pretended to be a plumber. He knew it was a fan and let her do that. Since he was not feeling well, he asked the fan if she knows how to cook and she willingly cooked food for him. Another incident was when he met his Sasaeng fans at the convenient store he frequent near his apartment.  He bought them drinks and told them to go home.

There was a time when Hyun Joong and Jaejoong lived in the same apartment and Hyun Joong said it was mostly Jaejoong’s Sasaeng fans who would be there waiting for them.

With this, I just couldn’t help but remember my #1 CPOP bias, F4’s Taiwan, Ken Chu‘s incident in Singapore from way back.  Fans stalked his car with their cars causing an accident. He went out of the car and shouted at them, “Do you love me? Do you want me to die?”

With the news above, I think the definition of Sasaeng fans is not clear. There should be a distinction between Sasaeng fans who invade the private life of an idol/s and loving fans who just want to catch a glimpse of their idol/s and take pictures/videos coming out their agency/studio, an event, shooting location, waiting at the airport to welcome or send them off, etc.

My friends(with Jel my stalking buddy with sisters Glads and Gracie) and I do stalk artist/s who visits my country if there is a chance in the airport to welcome and send them off and at the hotel lobby because that is our only chance of seeing them up-close without going to Korea aside from attending their official events, but I consider us as the LOVING FANS fans who knows our limitations and we usually frown upon fans who does not.

To conclude this, I am a fangirl and I am proud to be one. I do stalk but I know how to show my love and RESPECT to the artist/s.


5 responses to “My Thoughts on JYJ’s and Kim Hyun Joong’s Sasaeng Fans

  1. goldiemari March 11, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    ken is ken! i just love how he said that “DO YOU LOVE ME” ” DO YOU WANT ME TO DIE” lol
    all ken fans are behave….isa na tayo diyan hehehhe 🙂

  2. laurzai March 24, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    I didn’t know about this until now. We love Kim Hyun Joong but that doesn’t mean we’ll agree to comparisons like this just so he could seen higher than the others. We should be fair to our boys. That’s how we should love them. And following them 24/7 is not and will not be right. Yes I/we do follow them somehow but there is a limitation and we know that. So to the others, I hope they will have a realization with this issue. Peace. Love. Respect ❤

  3. aplus septi January 21, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    i really like your artikel, thanks for sharing.. ^^

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