White Day (화이트데이) in Korea

In North America and other countries like the Philippines, February 14th marks Valentine’s Day. That day is the same in Korea or more known as Red Day but it is the women who give chocolates or gifts to men and a month later, March 14th is White Day (화이트데이).

What is White Day? This custom originated in Japan in the 80′s. Aside from Japan and Korea, it is also being practiced in Taiwan and China. It is Korean men’s turn to give candies or gifts to their girlfriends Payback time!

So that’s why if you see on Korean dramas, women/girls give chocolates to men/boys during Valentine’s day. While in other countries and the Philippines, girls would be waiting to receive chocolates and flowers on that day.

I could not help but remember a scene in one of my fave Korean drama, Iris, where Hyun Joon (Lee Byung Hun) and Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee) shared a candy while kissing. They were at a restaurant in Japan and it was White Day, Seung Hee thought she would get a gift from Hyun Joon and was disappointed when he did not have any. So, he ran out to buy her a candy and surprised her by sharing the candy he had in his mouth with her through a kiss. So romantic and I would consider this one of the most memorable kissing scene on Korean dramas. Some may say it was gross but it was like french kissing.

Here is a video that I could find of that scene:

Happy White Day!


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