Sincere Condolences to Yoochun

JYJ’s Yoochun and his brother, actor, Yoohwan

It was indeed a sad homecoming for JYJ member Park Yoochun after making a history as the first KPOP group to perform in Chile and Peru when he heard that his father passed away during their layover in LA en route to their flight back to Korea on March 14 due to chronic illness.

I felt very sad seeing his teary airport photos that day and I texted my friend(Jhing) who is a certified JYJ(Cass) fan, with YC as her bias and talked about the news. She of course felt much worse than me and I told her that this would make the bond of JYJ members much more stronger. I just couldn’t upload those sad pictures of him.

Come to think about it, YC’s father did wait for their tour to finish and died after when they were on their way back. He must be very proud of his son and he will always be watching him up there.

With this, I was really expecting that my bias Kim Hyun Joong would pay his respects to Yoochun’s father since JYJ are one of his closest friends in the industry(he has a few that considers). I read that he did attend the funeral and had been looking photos of that. Last night, somebody had uploaded a video of him that shows him going into the elevator to go up the funeral hall with his bodyguard, Mr. Jeong. Here is a GIF of that video.


Several celebrities visited the funeral hall to condole with Yoochun and his family but due to media restrictions only a few were named.

From twitter: @yujini :其实这次去吊唁有天爸爸的人非常之多,因为媒体管制名字都没有透露,目前新闻爆出的有Alex,JUNO,KARA的妮可,韩智敏,吴承 贤,赵尚基,诺敏宇,洪赐天,郑硕元,郭容桓,陈赫,李泰成,洪京民,宋钟基,刘亚仁,全泰秀,崔明吉,宋玉淑,李起光,金贤重,金承佑等,当然还有一直 留守陪伴有天的俊秀在中和宋智孝,真的非常感谢 (translation from draculabobo: “@yujini: Actually there were a lot of people who went to Yoochun’s father wake, but because of media restrictions none of the names were published, currently there is news that among the people who went were: Alex, Juno, Kara’s Nicole, Han Ji Min, Noh Min Woo, Lee Tae Sung, Song Joongki, Yoo Ah In, Kwon Tae Su, Lee Ki Kwang, Kim Hyun Joong etc, and definitely the ones who have been staying by Yoochun’s side – Junsu, Jaejoong and Song Ji Hyo, really thankful to them.”) ~~~~(yoochun’s baidu forum, kim hyun joong’s baidu forum)

My sincere condolences to Yoochun and his family. Your appa is in a better place now with no suffering. BeStrongYoochun 😦



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