[Music/MV] Kim Hyun Joong sings an OST song, If You’re Like Me

Yesterday, Kim Hyun Joong‘s OST song If You’re Like Me, for cable TvN’s drama ‘The Wedding Scheme‘ was released but I did wait for the official MV to be uploaded before posting here and finally, CJENMMUSIC did.

He volunteered to sing a song for the OST of this drama upon hearing that Lee Min Woo is the director, whom he had been in close contact ever since directing him in ‘Boys Over Flowers‘.

This drama had been gaining much attention because of the OST song. The drama stars Kang Hye Jung and Lee Kyu Han which will start airing April 2nd at 11PM every Monday and Tuesday. It is a romatic comedy about a mother of four daughters who decides to embark on a grand marriage scheme for her children.

For the lyrics and translation of the song, I posted it at Gokpop. 🙂

HJ you once again surprised me! I’m just so proud of how your voice improved. This song suits your voice! ♥♥♥


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