Happy Birthday Kim Eomma!

I really just love how close the relationship between the Kim brothers (Kim Hyung Jun and Allen Kim/Kim Kibum) with their eomma(mother). Yesterday, they celebrated their eomma’s birthday and the brothers wrote on their twitters the following and posted the following pictures. Such a sweet family! πŸ™‚ The family has good genes. πŸ™‚

@HyungJun87 Today is my dearest mother’s birthday. Thank you for raising me up and thank you for being by my side… I will always be the best son for my mother who gave birth to me into this world. Happy birthday. I love you. Happy Birthday. Please be healthy and smile happy. gif

@HyungJun87 I love you. Let’s be happy.

@90KKB My brother and I celebrated mother’s birthday today! We will not forget how you have given birth to us and brought us up
Family forever!

Young Saeng tweeted to HJ this:

@mystyle1103: @HyungJun87 Happy birthday!! “Mother~~~ Please be healthy for a long long time~ I hope you will be filled with happiness always!!!” please convey this message to her~^^

Translated by xiaochu@quiante


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