[KeyEast Notice/Info] About Kim Hyun Joong’s Recognized Official Fanclub “HENECIA”

Once again, KeyEast issued a notice yesterday that the ONLY recognized OFFICIAL fanclubs of Kim Hyun Joong are 2011 Henecia and Henecia Japan. 🙂 

[Trans] KeyEast Notice – About Official Fan Club Henecia

Credits : HYUN-JOONG.COM+ (English Translation) xiaochu @Quainte501.com


Hello. This is Key East.

With the start of Kim HyunJoong’s fan meeting tour,
The month of May is filled with fun and gratitude to all the fans,
Among fanclubs and even fansites opened by individuals in each country
There are some which claimed to be recognized as official fanclub by Key East,
We wish to confirm that fans did not suffer any monetary losses,
We want to tell you once again about the official fan club Henecia.

Currently the fan clubs that are officially recognized by Key East are
We want to inform you that any other fan clubs and fan sites opened by individuals
Are not being recognized as the official fanclub.

Kim HyunJoong’s official fan club HENECIA in Korea
Had ended its registration on 23-May-2011.
Future registration period has not been confirmed at the moment
But the registration period will be confirmed according to the artiste’s activities period
Current 2011 HENECIA members continue their membership until the new registration period
And will enjoy benefits as the official fan club members.

Official fan club HENCIA’s confirmed registration period will be notified through
The ‘Notice’ board in Hyun-Joong.com and Henecia.com,
In the event where other websites requested for specific sum of money as the membership fee to join the fan club,
We hope that you can verify and not suffer any damages from it.

Lastly, we wish to inform that we will not hesitate to take actions, such as through legal means, against the respective party involved in misrepresentation as the official fan club as stated above, or reoccurrence of paid fan club registration and other relating problem.

Thank you.


Last September after the successful Kim Hyun Joong’s Breakdown and The Face Shop Asia Tour that ended in the Philippines last August 26, 2011, Henecia issued a statement regarding fraudulent fanclub established outside of Korea.

From: henecia.com

Greetings from the staff of Henecia.

May I have your attention about the Kim Hyun Joong’s official fan-club HENECIA

We have found out that fraudulent fan club was established in some countries with name of HENECIA this morning, and are charging a fixed sum of money from the fans as the membership fee and distributing products such as cards and t-shirts to lure fans to join the club..

We are informing that KEYEAST has not established HENECIA in those countries for fans to join the club, nor do we acknowledge them as official fan clubs.

The card provided to the Kim Hyung Joong’s official fan club HENECIA in 2011 is same as below, and we are informing that any other cards will not be acknowledged as Kim Hyun Joong’s official HENECIA fan club card in 2011.

Furthermore, joining the Kim Hyun Joong’s official fan club HENECIA in 2011 has ended on May 23rd, 2011.

When fans wants to join HENECIA in the year 2012, the process will start near future,
and the process will be posted at Hyungjoong.com and HENECIA.com, so please be aware of this information and do not join any fan clubs that are illegally promoting through Facebook, or any other sites, with the name of HENECIA.

Thank You.


One response to “[KeyEast Notice/Info] About Kim Hyun Joong’s Recognized Official Fanclub “HENECIA”

  1. MEGUMI January 1, 2015 at 10:17 am

    I Heard this is fan club is in korea. so is it cant that to join fans in another countries. weather We are not in fan clubs ……………..I am a beloved fan of hyun joon

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