[News] Heo Young Saeng, Comeback Countdown ‘Gains Attention’, Participated in Album Planning–Production

Credits : jumping@osen.co.kr/ Photos: B2M Entertainment
English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Heo YoungSaeng, who made his debut as a solo singer last May, is counting down to his comeback.

Heo YoungSaeng’s agency B2M Entertainment’s official twitter recently started the countdown to Heo YoungSaeng’s 2nd mini album ‘SOLO’ album release date.

After Heo YoungSaeng’s album release date was made known, local fans as well as overseas fans were informed on the news of the album release through SNS (Social Networking System) and show their anticipation towards his comeback.

Mini album ‘SOLO’ is one where Heo YoungSaeng participated, from the album’s overall planning to its production, gaining attention. Heo YoungSaeng is named the co-producer for this album, making a new role as an artiste.

Title song ‘Crying’ is a medium pop R&B song, about the feelings of a guy wishing for the return of his lover when he was left alone after a breakup.

Meanwhile, ‘SOLO’ will have its teaser released on 18-May, and the album and music video will be released on 22-May through online music sites.

***Looking forward for more teasers, Full MV, and of course Young Saeng’s comeback stage at music shows. 🙂


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