[Video] Artist 2 Artist – Aziatix with Megan Lee

YouTube star Megan Lee interviewed Aziatix members Eddie Shin, Flowsik, and Nicky Lee in their Seoul, Korea studio.

I’m just happy that the mini-banner that my fellow Team Aziatix Philippines admin Lyn designed and that I gave to ♥Eddie♥ at the Marina Bay Sands last November 2011(after MAMA 2011, fan account here) when we met them to give our other gifts is displayed at the shelf for fans’ presents (3:38). It’s Aziaddicts Philippines. Though we are Team Aziatix PH, we are still Aziaddicts PH and will always be. If only one admin there is friendly, we should have not made another fanpage for Aziatix. Anyways, we will always be here supporting them(Aziatix) as we had from MACHI way back with Nicky and their producer, Jae Chong.

Posting here the Aziatix – Awakening Album Playlist. Check it out and their songs are all in English and are really awesome!

Here is also from their debut album, Nocturnal, with one of my fave, “Go” the acoustic version.

All their songs are available at iTunes also.

Check out their official Youtube channel, , and be amazed of their songs .

To get to know more about them:



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