[MV] Kim Hyung Jun – Sorry Im Sorry MV Teaser from ‘ESCAPE’

Shoving in my article at GoKpop.

Kim Hyung Jun’s Teaser for “Sorry I’m Sorry” Drama MV Revealed

As we reported earlier, SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun is making his comeback with his second mini-album, ESCAPE, soon.

The teaser for the highly anticipated 25-minute drama MV, he’s going to release for his title track, has just been revealed. The music video includes three protagonists, Kim Hyung Jun himself and his fellows from S-Plus Entertainment, Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo. The director of this production is Cha Eun Taek who is a well-known MV-maker in Korea. Check out the very dramatic teaser below!

Kim Hyung Jun‘s mini album will consist of 5 tracks, and there will be two editions of it. Compared to his first album, this album is said to have more depth and emotion. It will hit the racks on July 10th.

01 Intro
02 Sorry I’m Sorry (Title)
03 Just Let It Go
04 나쁜 남자라서 (Bad Guy Thing)
05 잘못 걸었어 (Got It Wrong)

Video uploaded by All credit goes to : KIM HYUNGJUN JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB


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