[Vid/MV] 2ne1’s Inkigayo Comeback Stage for “I Love You”

2ne1 had their long-awaited comeback stage in Inkigayo last Sunday, 07/08/2012, for their newest single. They started with a hip-hop intro and then their amazing “I Love You” performance. YG is the best!

Here is the sassy official MV of “I Love You”

2ne1 will be the first girl group to hold a world tour.

2ne1’s 1st World Tour! 2012 ‘NEW EVOLUTION‘ will kickoff starting with their Korean concerts on July 28th and 29th, at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium!! 2ne1’s world tour will be held by Live Nation, and Live Nation’s world-renown network and staff will be working with 2ne1. Fans will be able to experience advanced performances with amazing high quality sounds from Teddy, songs rearranged by the world’s best music director and session musicians, creating the best concert for everyone to enjoy.

The concert will be assisted by Travis Payne, the concert choreographer for the late Michael Jackson’s This is It concert, as well as Divinity Roxx, who served as the band leader for Beyonce’s tour.


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