[Audio/Podcast] Aziatix’s ACAST, Episode 004 and 005

ACAST is a podcast, getting up close and personal with Aziatix with host Jamie Hong. Nicky Lee, Flowsik and Eddie Shin answer fan questions/requests and more.

Subscribe it on iTunes and it’s FREE.

For the benefit of non-iTunes users, some fans shared it on YT.

Flowsik’s ACAST Episode 004, “Love Sick For Flowsik.” Get to know the Sweetest Ganji Rapper in the world, how he fanboys 2ne1‘s Dara Park and where he would take her on a date, the amazing freestyle rap he made, etc.

Eddie’s ACAST, Episode 005 “Are You Ready for Eddie?“. Eddie’s seduction technique: 1) Observe. 2) Find common interest. 3) POUNCE. Want to know the secrets of Eddie that his equally cute younger brother Alex revealed. SHIN brothers!!! β™₯

Nicky’s ACAST, Episode 006 “Oh, Nicky You’re So Fine”. Laughtrip with Nicky. The farting. Message from VanNess Wu.

Hope they would do more ACAST. πŸ™‚ Aziatix All Day!


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