[buzz KOREA Tour: Sancheong-Busan] BIFF Street, Streetfoods and Shopping in Napo-dong AreaGukje Market

After our seafood lunch at Haelmulchunji in Buypyeong-dong, we then walked towards the Busan International Film Festival Street or Square in Nampo-dong. This is where BIFF has started in 1996. This had been remade as a cultural tourist attraction promoting the advancement of Korea’s film industry.


It was crowded as it was the 3rd day of the 18th Busan International Film Festival. A lot of fans were waiting near the stage for an open talk event wherein artist/s of a film participating will make an appearance and answer questions from the media and fans. 2PM’s Junho was scheduled to appear in a few hours when we were there but we have to leave.

KTO/buzz KOREA divided us into groups and the Chinese and Japanese teams went to shop and tried some snacks. We, the English team, together with Jiyeoun unnie our translator and video camera guy went on our way too.


First, Jessica and I tried  Hotteuk from a stand near the BIFF stage which I must say one of the Hotteuk I’ve tried in South Korea. Hotteok is a popular street food. It is a fried dough filled with nuts and brown sugar. And when we passed again the stall, there was a long line of people buying. We were lucky that when it was our time, there was no line.


We walked towards the clothes street and we shopped some clothes. It was cheaper in Busan than in Seoul. I should have bought more. 🙂

We then walked towards the food street and tried Patbingsoo. It is a popular shaved ice dessert in Korea with sweetened azuki beans (pat) with condensed milk and various fruits. It was my first time to know in Busan that there were two variety, the hot and cold ones. The stall beside where we were eating had a picture of the Running Man cast and the cast ate at that stall. Yey, video camera guy paid for our Patbingsoo. 🙂


Getting Here:
Jagalchi Station, Line 1, Exit 7,
5min walk from the station (Walk straight and turn left)
Source Visit Korea website,

Off to our next destination, Igadae City Natural Park.


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