[buzz KOREA Tour: Sancheong-Busan] Orientation at the KTO Headquarters, Seoul

Winners were asked to be in front of the Korea Tourism Organization Headquarters before 9am. All then proceeded to the 5th Floor for the orientation of the whole tour  and introduced each other.

We were informed that throughout the tour, KTO will take photos and videos of the activities and would share them to all international Korean fans who have not visited Korea. We were also asked to share our experiences real-time on SNS and that the Top 4 people with the best Buzz will have presents at the end of the tour. During the whole tour, were were given portable Wi-fi connection to help us with our SNS activity.

buzz KOREA Tour participants

The winners were five Chinese, five Japanese, and three from English-speaking countries (me from The Philippines, Indonesia and United Arab Emirates).

We were each given a kit that includes the detailed schedule and programs, a name card, a tour pin, a uniformed jacket, and all the necessary contact information.

After that, we began our roadtrip to Sancheong. 🙂

KTO Headquarters

Korea Tourism Organization Headquarters, 40, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-180, Korea
How to get there:
1. Take Subway Line 1 and go out of Exit 5 of Jonggak Station. Go straight for 3 minutes, until you cross over the Cheonggyecheon Stream. After crossing, turn right down the first small side street (that runs parallel to the stream). The KTO building is the second building on the left. You will see a statue of the blue and red KTO logo out front.
2. Take Subway Line 2 and go out of Exit 2 of Euljiro 1-ga Station. Go straight for 5 minutes (approximately 2 or 3 blocks). Turn left down the last side street before Cheonggyecheon. The KTO building is the second building on the left. You will see a statue of the blue and red KTO logo out front.
3. Take Subway Line 5 and go out of Exit 5 of Gwanghwamun Station. Go straight until you cross the Cheonggyecheon Stream, then immediately turn left down the road running parallel to the stream (Cheonggyecheon-ro). Walk down the street for approximately 6 minutes, until you see the KTO building on the right next. You will see the red and blue KTO logo out front. If you reach the coffee shop A Twosome Place at the Gwanggyo Intersection, you’ve gone too far.


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