[buzz KOREA Tour: Sancheong-Busan] Roadtrip to Sancheong and Rest Area

After the orientation, we started our road trip from KTO in Seoul to Sancheong. We enjoyed the beautiful sceneries on the way.


We rode on this limousine bus. It was very comfortable. Each team sat with their respective translators (Chinese, Japanese, and English teams) along with the KTO/buzz KOREA staff (with photographer and videographer) and Prain Global staff (who was organizing the tour on behalf of KTO). Jiyeoun unnie, our translator, sat with us the English team. Jessica and me beside each other and Shaima and unnie beside each other in front of us. We talked and familiarized ourselves.

As it was a four-hour drive, we stopped by a Rest Area after two hours for bathroom breaks, stretching, and to buy some snacks.


This is what a Rest Area looks like that are all over Korea’s national roads. How convenient it is for road trips. It has clean bathrooms, shops, convenience store, a variety of snack bars, and a foodcourt.

And we’re off again on the road….


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