[buzz KOREA Tour: Sancheong-Busan] Seafood Lunch at Haelmulchunji, Busan

After touring Gamcheon Culture Village, we went back to our bus and moved from Gamcheon 2(i)-dong to Bupyeong-dong to eat our seafood lunch, which Busan is known for. Buypyeong-dong is very known to have lots of restaurants and among those are fresh seafood restaurants.

We ate at Haelmulchunji restaurant. We saw a picture of Wonder GirlsSun with her husband with an autograph. I guess this restaurant is popular among celebrities.


Look at that fresh seafood jjim (steamed). The waiter helped us cut it into bite pieces. Three of us were able to finish it all. It may appear of large serving but mostly it were shells. πŸ™‚ We then added Kalgaksu noodles and enjoyed a seafood Kalgaksu.


I want to go back to Busan to try this again. πŸ™‚

Next stop, BIFF street…


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