2014 Global Seoul-Mate First Mission: S-E-O-U-L Collage


As in my previous post, I was one of the appointed 2014 Global Seoul-Mates by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.  Global Seoul-Mate is a publicity program by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in which foreign participants (living in or outside of Korea) are to seek out Seoul’s many hidden attractions and promote Seoul in colorful and interesting ways to the global community. Throughout the year, we will also be given missions to produce contents to promote Seoul.

As for our first mission, we were tasked to introduce ourselves and to share our aspirations as a Global Seoul-Mate 2014, and make a photo collage of S-E-O-U-L from our daily lives. This is a way for us to get to know more of our fellow Global Seoul-Mates since we live in different places around the world, and to my blog readers, you too will also know more about me through this.

I’m Marai from the Philippines. I’m a Physical Therapy graduate but did not pursue that career and has been working as a Medical Language Specialist for more than 10 years doing medical records from hospitals in the United States outsourced to my country. Right now, I work through the comfort of my home staying away from the traffic of Manila.

I discovered my love for Korea especially Seoul, my happy place, through K-drama and KPOP, but I’m now in love for its beauty, culture, cuisine, and its people. But more than the HAPPY PLACE and rich culture, it’s the PEOPLE that makes me feel warm, welcome, and wants to go back.

As a Global Seoul-Mate, I aspire to explore more of Seoul as there are still endless places for me to discover. I will actively share memorable experiences and promote useful insights and information in and about Seoul to my family, friends and my blog readers and inspire them to visit the place, and through my blog and SNS sites, I will also share to those who cannot afford or do not have time to travel and let them learn and appreciate more of Seoul.

And now for my photo collage mission, I took pictures of what I have at home and that they are related and/or products of Korea and these are part of my daily life. 🙂


S –  Sachets of variant flavored O’Sulloc tea, giving the authentic taste of Korean traditional tea, which  I  usually have with either pastries or fruits. It keeps me refreshed and its healthy! You can buy these  as gift to your family and friends back home as I did from my trip.

E – Sheets of seasoned laver (dried seaweeds) that I usually eat with rice or just like chips. Kids love these too! You can buy this to bring back home from your trip and it is also available at local the Korean marts and groceries in the Philippines.

O – Ramyun that I topped with cheese, which I always have on stock at home. When I crave for Korean food, this is the very easy and fastest one to cook. Available at the local Korean marts and groceries in the Philippines.

U – Choco Pie, which I always have at home too. Nothing beats this sweet chocolate snack to satisfy my sweet tooth. You can buy this also as gift, but since it has a bulky box, you can just buy at the local Korean marts and groceries in the Philippines.

L –  Soju drink, a distinctly Korean drink, which me and my friends who loves Korea would share when having samgyupsal (meat barbeque) or a mini gathering talking about Seoul(Korea) and Hallyu. Yes, I have this on stock at home too because I love to drink. 🙂

And now here is my S-E-O-U-L photo collage for Global Seoulmate 2014 First Mission! Hope you liked it! ^_^


SEOUL, my Happy Place, where past and present coexist! ❤



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