[Korean Resto] Bulgogi Brothers in Greenbelt 5

The Bistro Group brought this South Korean franchise to the Philippines in 2011. Bulgogi Brothers specializes in authentic Korean cuisine and bulgogi marinated barbecued meat. The “bul” means fire and “gogi” means meat.

b1My friends and I visited their Greenbelt 5 branch. The restaurant has this modern look yet still keeping the traditional Korean feel. Look at the wide selection of wine at the wine rack.

b4First they gave us the free appetizer plate of sweet corn, sweet potato, and quail eggs. They also served free house tea.

B2Similar to other Korean restaurants, they provide unlimited servings of banchan (Korean side dishes) but it was only three kind of variety. The sweet and spicy lettuce salad, picked radish and cucumber, and of course kimchi.

And here are what we ordered!

b5Dubu Steak 6 pcs, which is fried crispy dubu(tofu) with teriyaki sauce and bean sprout.

b7Bulgogi Bibimbap, a traditional Korean favorite (mixed rice). Combination of bulgogi, vegetables, and rice.

b6Haemul Doenjang-jjigae, a soybean stew with assorted seafood and vegetables. Served with rice.

b3Pork Bolgogi, a marinated pork that you can eat by dipping on the sauces and wrapping on the lettuce leaf.

Added bonus to KPOP fans is the large TV screen showing KPOP music videos and concerts!

We enjoyed the food and the service. We were four and paid about 500php each. I have yet to try Bulgogi Brothers in Korea and compare the taste. Putting it on my what to do list for my trip! πŸ™‚

Bulgogi Brothers
A Korean BBQ Restaurant
Level 3, Greenbelt 5
Telephone: +632 621-6216, 621-5289

They have branches in SM Mall of Asia and Alabang Town Center. Regional branches at Harbor Point in Subic and SM Lanang Premier in Davao. More information at theirΒ website, Facebook,Β  Twitter, and Instagram (@BulgogiBrosPh).


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