[Global Seoulmate] Exemplary Global Seoul-Mate of 2014

Anneonghaseyo! I’m back from hiatus. Last May 2015, I was selected by the Seoul Metropolitan Government as one of the eighty-three “Exemplary Global Seoul Mates of 2014” from among 192 Global Seoul Mates that were appointed last June 2014, based on the quality of the finished entry and the successful dissemination of Seoul-related contents.

Global Seoul-Mate is a publicity program by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in which foreign participants (living in or outside of Korea) are to seek out Seoul’s many hidden attractions and promote Seoul in colorful and interesting ways to the global community. Throughout the year, we will also be given missions to produce contents to promote Seoul.

We were sent an appointment certificate signed by the Seoul City Mayor and a welcome gift.  See my personalized Seoul Adidas Climachill shirt here.

For our First Mission, we were tasked to introduce ourselves and to share our aspirations as a Global Seoul-Mate 2014, and make a photo collage of S-E-O-U-L from our daily lives, and luckily, I was one of the winners! See my entry and the gift I received here!

Our Second Mission was conducted under the theme, “2014 Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival, My No. 1 Poster: Made by 192 Global Seoul-Mates”, which the festival happened last November 11, 2014 in Seoul that celebrated the fact that Kimchi was selected for UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013. I was of the winners again. See my simple winning poster entry and the gift I received here.

On the Third Mission, we were tasked to come up of what was Seoul like in 2014 in our eyes and that we would put in a Time Capsule.  Again, I was one of the winners.  See my simple entry and the gift I received here.


Korean Traditional Tea (flavors of Hydrangea Leaf tea, Green tea, Mulberry Leaf tea, Buckwheat Tea, Chrysanthemum Flower tea). I love the design of each tea bags and the whole packaging forming it in a traditional Korean palace setting with a King and a Queen.

As a simple appreciation of our efforts in helping promote Seoul and for sharing our experiences across the globe in 2014, we were sent a small gift (picture above).

Thank you Seoul Metropolitan Government. I will continue to discover Seoul’s hidden gems and help promote this wonderful city to the world.


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