Why I Definitely Want To Go Back To Korea


I discovered my love for Korea through K-drama and KPOP, and it has now blossomed to loving its natural beauty to the dazzling lights and modernity, rich culture and tradition, cuisine, and its people, THE REAL KOREA.

With my interest and love for the country, I enrolled in a Korean language course offered by the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. I met new friends who had the same passion. I attended special classes like knotting and embroidery. I attended events organized by KCC Philippines, KTO Manila, and Korean Association in the Philippines, from Seollal celebration events with traditional foods and games, and wearing the Hanbok; Korean Film Festivals, exhibits, and travel expos. And KPOP concerts should not be missed by me!

I love Korean foods (traditional to chicken & beer) and eating out at Korean restaurants had been a great bonding with my Korea loving friends and even influenced office-mates and other friends to loving Korean food. Being from a tropical country, we love Korean ice creams that are perfect for a tropical country! With that, I learned to cook Korean dishes (started with bibimbap). Relieving stress and bonding with my girlfriends also in the only Korean spa jjimjilbang in the Philippines.


With all these, the goal of visiting Korea finally came true in October of 2013.

I want to go back to KOREA, my happy place, for many reasons. Aside from doing the normal touristy things and I’ve done most in Seoul and nearby places and Busan, I want to explore more on the regional places and try a lot of traditional cuisines.  More people need to know that aside from the beautiful places and sceneries, it is the culture and its people what makes Korea unique.  Korea is so creative and diverse. There is always something new to offer that makes you want to go back; from art, eco-tourism, adventure, transportation, food, Hallyu wave, shopping, etc… There is still unending curiosity for me in discovering the many secrets of the country. There are still many places, foods, events, and activities not tick off my Korea bucket list.

As a staunch Korea Tourism supporter through KTO/Imagine Your Korea(then Buzz Korea) for years and also Korea/Seoul Tourism related pages and sites, I had been learning a lot, falling in love with Korea more, and do what I love. I also had been appointed by Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office as WOW Korea Supporter 2014 and 2016, and also by Seoul Metropolitan Government as Global Seoulmate 2014 and chosen as one of the best Seoulmates.

You can check my Social Media accounts and blog to see how active I’ve always been on promoting Korea Tourism. Instagram on Korea, Personal Instagram, Facebook , Facebook Page, and Twitter. In my own little way, I want to continue to promote Korea as one of the best tourism destination in the world through this.

If given the chance to travel to Korea through this event, I will be able to truly share my experience with my own point of view to my family, Hallyu and non-Hallyu friends, and SNS and blog followers all about the trip. Aside from the real-time updates on my SNS accounts on the trip, I will post a comprehensive write-up about the experience on my blog. My write up will comprise experiences, lessons, tips, and amazing photos that can inspire everyone to start planning of their own amazing Korea trip.

Traveling to Korea will always be both a “living in the dream” moment and a learning experience. I will forever be grateful if given the opportunity during and even after the trip. Saranghae KOREA!

Thank you Korea Tourism Organization for giving us foreign Asian and Middle-East Korea fans this opportunity. It is a hard competition and really much luck is needed.  Hoping for an early Christmas gift from Santa KTO! More events and more power to the whole team!



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