Han Ho Art Exhibit in Manila

One of Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines objectives is to introduce art to the Philippines. For the past years, KCC Philippines hosted successful art exhibitions in various areas such as Korean contemporary art, tradition art, and crafts.

This was the first time for KCC to hold an art exhibition that uses light as a tool. This featured the works of Han-ho, a Korean contemporary artist and performer, who integrates light in his artworks. A fine art graduate from Paris 8 Vincennes University, Han Ho has held exhibitions all over the globe, from Seoul and France to New York, Brazil, Germany and Japan.

A video during the opening of the Manila exhibit with Han-ho himself.

The exhibit entitled “Eternal Light,” explores subjects such as human nature, inner conflict, and hope using light as a medium.  Using traditional Hanji mulberry paper, Han Ho combines light in his traditional paintings to create a new form of art.

Han-ho says, “I make a hole of light between the wall of the painting and the media. The light that shines through this hole travels through the canvas and the ink lines on the paper and finally becomes a new media painting. I keep punching the holes inside and outside, and this is highly labor-intensive repetitive and irregular punching creates a complete result of light. Therefore, it is a drawing of light. Countless punched holes shine like the light of stars, and distance exists in the paining just like cosmic space. The size of the holes displays the brightness of light.” His works are perceive as an installation work in space rather than painting. A painting with lights reincarnates in space via videos, instead of just being an effect on a screen.

A special documentary of his works from 2015-2017

I was not able to attend the opening ceremony, but as a Korean culture and arts enthusiast, I wouldn’t miss seeing the art exhibit myself. I dropped by KCC before the exhibit ended.

A video slide of the photos I took from the exhibit.

For Filipinos, you can follow Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines for more updates and future events, KCC’s Official Facebook Page and KCC’s website. They are located at the 2F Mancor Corporate Building, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

You can follow the Korea Tourism Organization – Manila Office’s Facebook page, Twitter, and KakaoTalk (@ktomanila) for more local updates on Korea tourism, events, and promos.


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