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[Video] BTS Video of F4 Reunion at Jiangsu Spring Festival/CNY Concert 2013

Behind The Scene videos of F4 at Jiangsu Spring Festival/Chinese New Year Concert recording.

Credits to the original owner and uploader of the videos. Thank you to Jerrysh77 for uploading it in YT. Download it now before it gets removed for copyright issues. 🙂

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


As a fan of F4, I totally felt why fans were teary-eyed and some really crying in the studio, and even F4 felt those emotions too. I also was teary-eyed watching the video especially when they focused on the fan wearing pink crying. Bring back memories. F4 will always be F4. They will always be my/our hearts. 😛


[Video] FanCam of F4 Interview Portion at F4 Reunion Jiangsu Spring Festival 2013

F4‘s Interview/Talk Portion during the F4 Reunion for Jiangsu TV Spring Festival 2013 recording. This will be aired on Chinese New Year. Hope none will be edited out. ^_^

Thank you so much to the generous fan who upload these fancams at Tudou(though it has been removed there, all the credit goes to her) and to lorena080565 for uploading it at YT. Download it now before it gets removed for copyright issues. 🙂

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Still waiting for someone to translate this. Though I understood only some parts, I cried (with the background music) and laughed with F4 watching the interview. ^^

[Video/Translation] “F4 Style” – Fans Asking F4 to Dance Gangnam Style at the F4 Reunion for Jiangsu TV Spring Festival 2013

Credit lorena080565 for uploading at YT. Originally uploaded at Youku.


Fans: Dance! Dance! Dance!

Vanness: Oppa Gangnam Style

Vanness: Let’s ask zaizai to dance!

ZZ: I dunno how to…

ZZ:’ All together?

Vanness: you know the four of us can’t dance at the same time….

Ken: Remember years ago during our preparation for a concert in HK, we practiced so hard to dance for a week, but in the end when those who came to approve our performance saw us, when we got off the stage the crews and our manager discreetly informed us, no need (to practice), it’s alright.So from that day on we never danced together as a group.
(Director started playing Gangnam Style

Vanness: Mr. Director, please don’t mock me anymore, alright? *joking*

*looks like they’re asking the director to stop the music.

*I can’t hear the next few conversations until Ken’s gesture was like he was praying, i think he is chanting “nan mo o mi tuo fo…” which is a Buddhist chant.

Fans: Take it off Xiao Tian, take it off, take it off!

Ken: What… take off what? My pants?

Fans: Take it off all together now! Take it off! Take it off! (Fans asking F4 to take their clothes off all at the same time.)

Credit translation to yanaliao if reposting 🙂

[News/Translation] F4 Reunites, Fans were Teary-Eyed (Jiangsu Spring Festival 2013)

F4laughandhugcredit as tagged (This hug is just touching for us fans and those BTS laughter)

F4 Reunites Fans were teary-eyed

Yesterday early morning, Jiangsu TV recorded the “climax” of Spring Festival in Beijing – The once a smash hit F4 reunited after 4 years, the atmosphere was climactic. Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, VanNess Wu, Ken Chu, four people dressed in red and black clothes, still projecting an idol-image in their stunning suits, graced the night’s recorded performance with enthusiasm and a touched emotion watching the fans with tears in their eyes. They’re planning to reunite F4 in a concert hoping sometime this year.

Four years in the making
Jerry is pouring out of emotions

F4 is the Chinese entertainment’s hottest and phenomenal group after the “Little Tigers“. More than a decade ago, they starred in the craze “Meteor Garden“, “Bao Long” and “Lei (meaning tired/ also intended to sound like (huaze LEI)” and the rest were a hit and to young people born in the 80s, this series became a part of their youthful memories. However, the four of them needed to develop their own individual career, they never got together as F4 for years until 2008. This time, being able to pitch the four of them in a span of 4 years, Jiangsu TV is generous enough to bring them to perform during the Spring Festival.

To celebrate this special moment, the fans started to crazily reminisce, from picking up the guys up from the airport then stalked their way to their hotel. The fans willingly gave in to everything just to be able to join the upcoming F4 program. The night before recording, to keep the fans alive and excited, they played all songs featured in Meteor Garden. Finally, closing around 1-ish (in the morning) four dashing guys came out, the crowd went into boisterous screams and cries. Many girls are in tears listening to Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu singing “Liu Xing Yu” together. F4 on stage looks very at ease and compellingly handsome. Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu looked very lively, only somewhat “introverted” Jerry, who did not live up to its name “Bao Long” (T-rex), had mixed emotions and welled up as they all performed.


Ken wanted to be behind the camera

After singing, the four members had to divulge something “private” in response to the hosts Li Xiang and A-Ya’s questions. Ken broke the hottest information of them all, he said that being separated for so many years, his brothers were “mentally childish (at heart), living an abnormal life”, especially Jerry, he’s just “too boring”, but has now improved from being “too childish” to “a little bit in between (man and childish)” while Zai Zai on the other hand is appointed the no. 1 MIA among the four of them. But according to Jerry, the most enviable and manly among the four of them is Zaizai, quoting him: “Unlike me, until now I’m still…” In his opinion, he’s the eldest of the four of them, but he’s the most naive one. He even praised Ken Chu who carries a mature personality and always takes care of every person, “Every time we have a performance, he always made sure he prepares everything, even ready out under wears and socks for us.” Afterwards, Jerry gave Ken a “sorry for everything” hug, more of an apology for his past childish behavior. As the host dug deeper into their private lives, Ken again revealed that he thought Zaizai needed a girl who is a mother figure and at the same time a sister to him, this is because his life is very emotional, he keeps everything to himself and takes a long time to break his silence to everyone. With regards to Jerry, he needs a girl who is really strong and firm. Zaizai made fun of Jerry saying: “If you guys are still going on with this topic, someone’s eyes are getting red already.” With regards to future plans, Ken Chu had the most unexpected answer, because he was aspiring to become a director. During the recording of the show, the four guys were very relaxed, kept fooling around and teasing each other to get married and have babies soon. Many of the fans amongst the audience can’t help but cry, every time the four of them gave their speeches, you can hear distinctive shouts “concert!!!” “concert”!!! F4 divulged that they are hoping they can see that day come. When they were asked about getting together for a concert, they hope it’ll happen, “We hope we can do it as soon as possible!

Credits to: yanaliao if reposting 😀

Original news:

Hope that a reunion concert this year will be realized. It has been 5 years since I last watch them live. The last time was in Danshui during the last F4 album concert launch and it was memorable for me and friends, that trip to Taipei was one of the memorable fangirling trips I had for F4. 🙂

[Video] FanCam of F4 Singing at the Reunion Recording for Jiangsu TV Spring Festival 2013

Thanks to the generous fans who uploaded this video. I can’t just wait for the whole performance on Chinese New Year 2013.

Thanks Jerrysh77·for the upload on YT.

Thanks Jerrysh77·for the upload on YT, originally from tqingqingzijin at youku.

[Video/News] F4 Reunites at Jiangsu TV Recording for Spring Festival 2013 in Beijing

As we already know, F4 finally reunites last January 30, 2013 in Beijing for the recording of the Jiangsu TV Spring Festival 2013 which will be shown on Chinese New Year.

Here are is a short news video about the reunion. Credit to Jerrysh77.

Here is another news clip with a short interview with F4. Thanks to Jerrysh77 for uploading on YT, from 育民幼稚園.

Translation of the F4 Interview:

Jerry: I’ve heard of it then I thought it was a hoax again, coz I have agreed several times before but our skeds never met. Eventually everything was settled then I was still in disbelief thinking this is just a joke. Then when I was really on the plane that I got serious and thought its really happening, we are performing all together.

Zaizai: I’m so afraid that if I wait for another 10 yrs, we will be 40ish then, so the feelings we have towards this reunion is surely not less than how other people are feeling right now.

Ken: Recently, my moustache is already growing white strands… For the past years, we should be thinking and acting like mature adults now, but now that I’m reunited with my bros, it’s like going back to what I was before.

Vanness: I’m quite touched, it’s 12 years of happiness. I’m so thankful that they’re willing to share it with us.

Credit English Translation: yanaliao/Sunshine Uy


[News] Ken Chu talks about Life After F4

Reposting an article from on my F4 bias, Ken Chu. The last time I saw him was three years ago during his exclusive press conference in Taipei which I was one of the lucky ones to be raffled off from his fans in Asia and was able to attend that event. Hoping that the rumored event in Thailand in September will push through because I miss him so much! 🙂

Life After F4

Ken Zhu talks about coping with the pain of fame and coming to terms with his place in the industry

Yasminka Lee in Taipei
Asia News Network
Publication Date : 04-05-2012

In his latest drama, Hero, former F4 member Ken Zhu plays a secondary character. This would have been unheard of for Zhu at the prime of his career a decade ago when he and the other members of F4 were the poster boys of a new pop culture generation.

But Zhu, now 33 years old, will be the first to tell you that he has gone past that era and embraced the changes that come with life and growing up.

“The only thing that is constant is change itself,” Zhu tells popasia in an exclusive interview. “You face it, accept it and deal with it and then you let it go. Nothing is really yours. At the end of the day you’re only facing yourself. I’m only responsible to myself.”

In Hero, Zhu plays Fan Li—a minister under Chinese Emperor Guojian—who he described as someone many consider not so heroic. “He wasn’t really famous. His is such a role that, in history, was not very praised or written about all the time because he didn’t fit into the Chinese spirit that you have to die for someone you are most loyal to. He kind of left at a time when he thought he should leave,” he explains.

Filming for Hero wrapped up in March and the drama will be shown in mainland China this summer. Zhu says he did not mind accepting the role even if he wasn’t the lead and despite filming during the harsh winter because it was a character he found challenging. He notes this is also part of his growth as an actor, to expand into the China market where opportunity abounds.

“There are opportunities everywhere but Taiwan is not a place with a huge population so basically, that limits the size of the market. When it’s too crowded, it’s too crowded here. There’s only 24 hours a day, so much stuff you can squeeze into TV and down here, you have to be very local to achieve something,” he says.

He adds that the market is saturated with younger entertainers jostling for attention and he no longer finds it appropriate to compete with them. “There are new people coming out… so I mean why would I want to compete with someone who’s only 19 or 20 who has a crowd his age or maybe younger?

“Plus I already had my time and it was a good time. Now I see more a kind of life half-resting, half-planning on what to do next. Now it’s easier for me, I don’t really have to struggle. What I have achieved before, it’s already given me a life easier than that of other people. So for now, it’s more like experimenting with things I could do.”

Indeed, there are parallelisms between his Fan Li character and Zhu in real life with how he had made his choices. Aside from Hero, he also did a telemovie and a stage play last year, projects he says, he wouldn’t have even bothered to try 10 years ago.

At 22, Zhu was suddenly thrust into the spotlight when he starred in Meteor Garden as Xi Men, a rich playboy. When the drama sparked a craze across the region, he went from nobody to being chased around by paparazzi and fangirls. The fame took everyone by surprise and as he candidly admits, it took a long time to process what was happening.

He found himself dealing with pressure that came with fame as he struggled with his craft. “I can relate to every role and when I finish my work, I kind of leave a part of that character within me. So in essence, every character has become a part of me. To become a really good actor, you have to face all these pressure, you have to get in and out.”

But about five years since he started his career, Zhu experienced a personal crisis. “I was really having a hard time getting in and out of the characters that I did. Basically, something went wrong inside my head. I got all confused.” He was diagnosed with depression and later, with ADHD. It brought him confusion on what he wanted to do with his life. “I finally realised that I’m actually very simple. I’m just looking for a better life. And yet the thing I was doing didn’t really give me a better life. Instead, it gave me a more confused life… more complicated. But I realised it’s not anyone else’s fault, I only have me to blame because the choice was always mine.”

Zhu was glowing in the aftermath of his F4 fame and people advised him to take advantage of it. Instead, he decided to slow down on his work.

“It was a very, very painful progress. In the eyes of others, they probably think that ‘hey, look at Ken. He doesn’t have many projects, he’s probably having a difficult time.’ I mean, look at Vic (Chou), look at Jerry (Yan), at Van Ness (Wu). They’re so still so active. But from my point-of-view, I must be the happiest amongst them,” he says.

“When it comes to more projects, it means more trouble for you; more tiring stuff, things you have to struggle with. That means you have more problems than what I’m facing right now. I was a little confused at first because after all, I’m a public figure. But then, I realised it doesn’t really matter how other people think of you. If you’re in demand, people will always look for you. Second, if you have the skills, you don’t really worry about losing the job.”

Zhu, who wanted to be a singer when he first entered the industry, likens acting to RPG (role playing game) where he moves from one level to the next. He also sees himself in the same job even when he’s already 50. “I can see myself playing someone’s father. I don’t mind that. It’s not like I have to be the main character always.”

During that low-point in his life, he didn’t consider quitting the industry. “There’s no point leaving the business. There’s nothing else I can do better. I’ve been doing this since I was 22. What else can I do? Plus I do love the thrill of creating something. You go [to the set], you have a script, the scene, you know where the camera is, you know what the director wants, you want to change a little thing… it’s like doing an artwork. Once you get the thrill, it’s really hard for you to do something else.”

Zhu did manage to fulfil his dream of becoming a singer. He and the rest of F4 did a couple of albums and toured together, and eventually came the solo albums. He has two so far under his belt but he does not plan to come up with a new one soon.

For now, he’s focusing on his work as an actor. “I look at it as a process of healing others. I’m fine, I’m getting better and better. I have been offered more opportunities than other people to understand what life is all about.”

He also pursues other interests like tai chi, surfing, cycling and cooking. “I try to do a lot of things not because I love them but it’s also because I’m lonely. I feel empty sometimes and I need to find things to fill up my life. And by doing these, I can find some meaning and I want to tell people that maybe by doing these, you can find some meaning in your life too.”

As we conclude the interview, he turns to me and says: “I treat interviews like this as like talking to a shrink.”

As I bid him goodbye, I can only hope that talking about his growing pains and coming to terms with life and fame was cathartic.

[Video] VanNess Wu and 2PM’s Junho “Undefeated” Full MV

Finally, the full MV is out! Taiwanese singer/actor VanNess Wu‘s and 2PM‘s Junho‘s collaboration for the OST of VanNess’ Taiwanese drama “Tiamo Chocolate.”  I just love it! 🙂 2PM’s  Junho’s Chinese is really good.


And here is a hot topless VanNess  on his drama. He is getting more sexier as he ages! 🙂

[News/Video] 2PM’s Junho and VanNess Wu Release “Undefeated” MV Teaser

I’m shoving in my article at GoKpop about VanNess‘ and 2PM’s Junho‘s 60-second teaser of their collaboration. All I could say that this is an awesome collaboration. I’ve learned Chinese from Kinder to Secondary school and was into CPOP before ~~Junho’s Chinese is really good. VanNess, my #2 bias on F4, damn still look hot and sexy after all these years.

2PM’s Junho and VanNess Wu Release “Undefeated” MV Teaser

As we previously reported, 2PM‘s Junho made a collaboration with Taiwanese singer/actor, VanNess Wu, for the OST of his Taiwanese drama “Tiamo Chocolate“.

We also reported that Junho flew to Taiwan first week of April to shoot for the MV of the said track, “Undefeated.” Both VanNess and the producer praised him for his excellent Chinese pronounciation.

On April 20th, the teaser has been revealed. VanNess posted on his Facebook, “Get to share with you. HD quality yo. So happy “Undefeated”. Wish you a happy weekend. VanNess vs 2PM Junho Undefeated official artists.

Here is the 60-second MV teaser and let us know what you think of it!


Here are some behind the scenes video. I just love how accommodating VanNess was on him. You can see here their good working relationship.

I can’t wait for the full MV! The song is really catchy! 🙂

[News] VanNess Wu’s OST Duet with 2PM’s Junho for ‘Tiamo Chocolate’

Finally was able to write something from my original fandom, F4 of Taiwan, which started the fangirl in me when Meteor Garden was aired in the Philippines almost nine years ago. An article at GoKpop for VanNess Wu, my #2 in F4 since Ken Chu is my #1 bias. ♥♥♥

2PM’s Junho and Vanness Wu Release “Undefeated” for Drama OST

credit: maraiph/

Taiwanese pop singer/actor, Vanness Wu, has released his latest track “Undefeated” featuring 2PM’s Junho. The track was recorded for Vanness’ upcoming Taiwanese drama, “Tiamo Chocolate”.

Vanness has been very happy about being able to collaborate with 2PM’s Junho and he revealed that “I feel like I have lots of fate with Korea. In terms of acting, its been females, but for music, its first Kangta and now Junho. His Chinese enunciation is really accurate. Really thankful to Junho for being willing to cooperate and sing the song in Mandarin.” Their duet has won the praises of the producer as well, “Was surprise because we didn’t give him much time to practice Chinese and thus you can really see how serious Junho is!!! Vanness’ voice is very gentle and warm. Their collaboration is perfect.

The track was broadcasted on HIT FM on March 30th. To have further collaboration, the two of them also cleared their schedules to film an MV, with Junho planning to fly to Taiwan from April 2nd to April 4th.

Check out the OST track below!

I’m excited for the MV of this track and I’m also excited for the drama! 🙂