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[News] Kim Hyun Joong Tears Up at Japan Concert, Gets an IV

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Kim Hyun Joong Gets an IV at his Japanese Concert

On July 15, Kim Hyun Joong had his premium concert at the Saitama Super Arena entitled ‘Kim Hyun Koong Heat 2012‘ which commemorated the release of his Japanese single, ‘Heat‘.

With Kim Hyun Joong’s hectic schedule from fan events and guerrilla performances in different parts of Japan for his single, shooting his drama ‘City Conquest‘, and the collaboration concert the previous day with Japanese musician, Naoto Inti Raymi, he got an IV on July 15 after the rehearsal and thus the first show was delayed for 1 hour and 13 minutes.

Fans shouted, “Rida, kwenchanoyo” (Leader, it’s alright). He cried and then fans started shouting, “Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyun Joong…“, and upon hearing these, he even cried harder.

He said, “My condition is not good today, but I will give all of my energy and might.” He added, “I’m supposed to be a professional entertainer, and I can’t even manage my condition in an effective manner, I feel really really sorry.” He repeatedly apologized to his fans throughout the two shows and thanked for the success of his single.

Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese single, ‘Heat’, was released on July 4 and ranked first on the Oricon daily chart selling 137,000 copies on the first day, and ranked first on the Oricon weekly chart selling 183,000 copies beating Japanese popular singer, Yamashita Tomohisa.

Here is a media clip from that concert:


Here is a fancam by with English sub when he talked to the fans, cried, and did an a capella despite having a sore throat. Special thanks to miyo@lovekimhyunjoong for the Japanese to English translation.


How can I not love you? It breaks my/our heart/s seeing you cry and how frustrated you were of being sick and not able to perform 100% at your concert. Still you were able to sing 13 songs on each session. I’m proud of you!! ♥♥♥


[News] Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae To Visit Manila this August for Bench

The long wait is over, it has been confirmed by Bench clothing that their KPOP endorsers, Super Junior‘s Siwon and Donghae (SiHae) will visit Manila this August 2012.

After tweeting last July 13 that they will indeed be here in August, the next day’s tweet was announcing that the dates given by SM Entertainment is either August 14 or 15.

ELFs and other KPOP fans are excited of their upcoming visit to the country and that includes me. 🙂 Reminiscing Bench and Jerry Yan’s events from way back.  Hope Bench will finally announce their promo on how to attend the event.


Photo: Fashion Media PH

[News/Vid] Kim Hyung Jun’s Escape Showcase/Mini-Concert

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Kim Hyung Jun Performs New Songs at ESCAPE Album Showcase

Starting his comeback promotions, SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun held a special showcase at AX-KOREA on June 29th. He sang his four new songs, “Sorry I’m Sorry”, “Just Let it Go”, “Bad Guy Thing” and “Got It Wrong”.

The highlight of the showcase was seeing Kim Hyung Jun together with his bandmates, Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng, on one stage.  Park Jung Min was at the venue as well but stayed on the sideline due to legal issues with his company. Kim Hyung Jun’s mother, cousin and brother, Kim Ki Bum, also attended the event. Beside that, his celebrity friends, JQ, Rainbow’s Ji Suk and actress, So Yi Hyeon, were there.

I’m not going to post the videos of his performances of the new songs since his management company asked not to post it yet since it has not yet been released. Will post it after July 10 then.

But here is the Talk Session video when Kyu Jong and Young Saeng were on stage. SS501 Subunit in one stage again! SS501 + Triple S

[MV] Kim Hyung Jun – Sorry Im Sorry MV Teaser from ‘ESCAPE’

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Kim Hyung Jun’s Teaser for “Sorry I’m Sorry” Drama MV Revealed

As we reported earlier, SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun is making his comeback with his second mini-album, ESCAPE, soon.

The teaser for the highly anticipated 25-minute drama MV, he’s going to release for his title track, has just been revealed. The music video includes three protagonists, Kim Hyung Jun himself and his fellows from S-Plus Entertainment, Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo. The director of this production is Cha Eun Taek who is a well-known MV-maker in Korea. Check out the very dramatic teaser below!

Kim Hyung Jun‘s mini album will consist of 5 tracks, and there will be two editions of it. Compared to his first album, this album is said to have more depth and emotion. It will hit the racks on July 10th.

01 Intro
02 Sorry I’m Sorry (Title)
03 Just Let It Go
04 나쁜 남자라서 (Bad Guy Thing)
05 잘못 걸었어 (Got It Wrong)

Video uploaded by All credit goes to : KIM HYUNGJUN JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB

[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s “City Conquest” Drama To Begin Filming in Japan

Picture credit: Daum

After making headlines when four Asian countries (Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) already purchased the rights of a drama that has not began its filming earning about 10 million USD, Kim Hyun Joong is finally to begin filming his comeback action drama “City Conquest” on July 10 in Tokyo and Nikko and Edo Wonderland, Tochigi Prefecture in Japan. It has been revealed that Tochigi Prefecture had promised full support as this has been garnering much attention overseas.

After Japan, filming will also be in Myanmar, Singapore, France, etc., with requests from many Asian countries to do shooting at their cities. Aside from that, requests for the drama’s actors from those countries had been made to do fanmeetings and promotions there too.

In the past week, the main cast had been revealed.

Senior actor, Kim Seung Woo, known for his role in ‘Iris’ and ‘Miss Ripley’ will play as the father of Baek Mir (Hyun Joong). Jeung Yoo Mi, who garnered much attention when she played the evil Se Na in ‘Rooftop Prince’, is the love interest in the drama. Joining also are actors, Nam Goong Min, who starred in ‘Can You Hear My Heart’ and Kim Hee Won from the movie ‘The Man From Nowhere’.

Adapted from the comic book of the same title by Shin Hyung Bin, the series will focus on how Baek Mir blames his father for leaving their family and enters the black society to seek revenge from those who have destroyed his family. This will be directed by Director Yang Yunho who have also directed many dramas such as ‘Iris’, movie ‘Wind Fighter’, ‘Holiday’ and etc, with the drama script written by Hwang Joo Ha, the scriptwriter for ‘Lie To Me’ & ‘Spotlight’.

[News] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong’s Letter That Made Me Cry

Kim Kyu Jong posted on his official website a letter last June 1st and announced that he will be enlisting to the army this July. I read this news/letter as I opened my computer at the office and an officemate saw me crying so bad and got worried that something really bad happened. I told her about the letter and enlisting news, she said what would I do if it was Leader Kim Hyun Joong‘s time to enlist since he is my bias in SS501. Right now, I don’t want to think about it. Kyu Jong as always the sweetest and loves us his pretties. We felt his sincerity by announcing it through this handwritten letter.

ThanKYU Triple S~

Hello! ^^ It’s Kyu Jong~
I know I say this all the time, but doesn’t time fly? It feels like I just debuted yesterday… but it’s already June 2012~ Have you fulfilled everything you previously planned? It isn’t too late~ so think it over again~ fighting!^^ The reason I write to you for the first time in so long~ is because I have decided to enlist in the military this July ^^ I wanted to personally announce it to all my lovelies. I am very happy, as I have created so many memories thanks to your love and unending support ^^ Thanks to all you lovelies, my 20′s have been extremely enjoyable!

As I always say, I want to give back to you as much as you’ve given me!^^ I want to only gift you with good memories from here on out. Let’s promise to better ourselves and meet again in 2 years!

I am looking forward to the time I get to spend with you lovelies on June 3rd. I’ll see you all that day~ Let’s create some laughter-filled memories as we always have. Let’s create beautiful memories together~ Thank you ^^ And be happy…

Translation by leesa86 of Allkpop

He signed it with, “The best SS501, JDream Kyu Jong, My handwriting is not good. Please be understanding. -kyu-.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s Considerate Gesture Towards A Fan

I have been on hiatus, so was not able to visit my blog. This news has been all over last week, but I still would post this here because I’m proud of what Kim Hyun Joong did.

Photo: Nate
AllKPOP article read here

Kim Hyun Joong made it to the headlines when a clip was uploaded titled, “Kim Hyun Joong receiving a fan letter without his guards knowing, very touching.” In the clip, he secretly reaches out his hand on his back to get the letter so the body guards wouldn’t notice. This happened when he attended Jung Joon Ha‘s wedding.

Here is that clip:

In his Lotte Fan Meeting last May 26th, he was asked about the fancam and the news, he said he actually cannot get every fan letter and he was glad to see it on the news.


I just also could not help but post it here a GIF of Kim Hyun Joong at the airport a couple of weeks ago pushing away his manager’s hand when the manager tried to cover the camera of a fan taking a video of him.

Hyun Joongie, you’re just giving me more reasons to love you more. 🙂

[News] Kim Hyun Joong to Hold Free Concert in Saitama in July for 32,000 Fans

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong, Invites 32,000 fans to Japan concert in July for free
Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.COM

Kim Hyun Joong will be holding a live concert in Japan this coming July for free.

On the 18th, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency KeyEast revealed that on the 15th July, Kim Hyun Joong will be holding the concert for free at Japan Saimata Super Arena, inviting 32,000 people.

This live concert also serves as a showcase for Kim Hyun Joong’s 2nd Japanese single album ‘HEAT’ which has been scheduled to be released on the 4th of July.

Amongst the people who purchased the limited and normal package of Kim Hyun Joong’s 2nd Japanese Single ‘HEAT’, 32,000 of them will be selected through lottery and will be invited to attend the live concert for free.

The concert on the 15th of July will be held over 2 rounds, and Kim Hyun Joong is expecting to perform his own hits, as well as song from his 2nd single, adding up to about 10 songs.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of this month and currently in progress is the ‘Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting Tour 2012′. To date, Kim Hyun Joong has successfully finished fan meeting in Singapore, Hong Kong and he will be holding the fan meeting in Taiwan on the 18th and 19th.

The current fan meeting tour has a close resemblance to a concert, with Kim Hyun Joong performing 14 songs, having honest yet entertaining talk, high touch with all the audiences and so on, and has been receiving heated responses so far.

[News] Philippines Confirmed for Big Bang’s “Alive World Tour 2012”

As we all know, Big Bang kicked off their world tour entitled “Alive World Tour 2012” in Seoul last April 2nd to 4th.

On May 15th, YG Entertainment and Live Nation released their promotion trailer for Big Bang’s world tour.


With the above, Big Bang has updated its official Facebook page with the tour dates in Japan starting May 17th and they will perform on different cities every weekend until June 24th, and a number of destinations of the “Alive World Tour 2012” with the first two Asian countries confirmed, the PHILIPPINES and Malaysia.

Wahh.. Fantastic baby! Excited much, can’t wait to see them perform live again. Hope they announce the date soon and hope it will not conflict with my scheduled trips by second-half of the year. 🙂

[News] Heo Young Saeng, Comeback Countdown ‘Gains Attention’, Participated in Album Planning–Production

Credits : Photos: B2M Entertainment
English Translation) xiaochu @

Heo YoungSaeng, who made his debut as a solo singer last May, is counting down to his comeback.

Heo YoungSaeng’s agency B2M Entertainment’s official twitter recently started the countdown to Heo YoungSaeng’s 2nd mini album ‘SOLO’ album release date.

After Heo YoungSaeng’s album release date was made known, local fans as well as overseas fans were informed on the news of the album release through SNS (Social Networking System) and show their anticipation towards his comeback.

Mini album ‘SOLO’ is one where Heo YoungSaeng participated, from the album’s overall planning to its production, gaining attention. Heo YoungSaeng is named the co-producer for this album, making a new role as an artiste.

Title song ‘Crying’ is a medium pop R&B song, about the feelings of a guy wishing for the return of his lover when he was left alone after a breakup.

Meanwhile, ‘SOLO’ will have its teaser released on 18-May, and the album and music video will be released on 22-May through online music sites.

***Looking forward for more teasers, Full MV, and of course Young Saeng’s comeback stage at music shows. 🙂