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Directions to HwangBo’s Shimsontang Restaurant in Hongdae

On February 5, 2011, Hwangbo officially entered the restaurant business when she became the co-owner of the Shimsontong branch in Hongdae in the Mapo-gu district in Seoul. They specialize in a famous Korean favorite “Bu Dae Jigae” but they of course have other Korean dishes.

Here is the direction on how to get to Shimsontang Hongdae.

*Take Line 2 to Hongik Univ. Station (239) then Exit 9.
*Turn immediately left on the road after Exit 9, Paris Baguette on the right.
*Walk up the road until the 1st block that ends with Dunkin Donut at the corner, turn right on the road between Dunkin Donut & Coffee Bean.

*Walk down the whole stretch of the road. There is a crossroad, cross the road directly to continue walking along the stretch of the road. Cross at the lights at Richemont Bakery at the end block to U+Avenue. Between U+Avenue & Mister Donut, continue along the road.
*Walk pass the 1st block of Mister Donut. Turn left after between the 1st block between a Bluefin tuna restaurant and walk up along the road.

*At the end of the block, you see an “Orange” signage shop, turn right down the road. Shimsontang is next to the “Orange” signage shop.

That is their famous ‘Bu Dae Jigae” dish. The interior design is sleek and modern. There are also many cute and adorable trinkets with some given by fans. Yeah, of course One Piece manga mini-figures. Kim Hyun Joong’s fave manga. Joongbo in the house!!!♥♥♥

Hwangbo like a model at the cash register. As you can see, a lot of Korean celebrities do come to this place as there are so many autographs!

English Address:
Shimsontang1st Floor, Seogyo-dong 355-21, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Tel: 02-323-8310
Restaurant Hours 11:30am-11pm.

Korean Address:
서울시 마포구 서교동 355-21번지 1층

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Enjoy eating!!!


Directions to Kim Hyung Jun’s and Allen Kim(KiBum)’s HnB Company

This is already closed!

For SS501 fans, HnB is the name that Hyung Jun’ssi and Ki Bum’ssi use if they’re working a song together, but in September 2010, they ventured into a character business with their company called, HnB Company, making themselves CEOs. Their famous characters are Piro Piro and Siro Siro.

So when in Seoul, fans should visit HnB Company and buy something Piro Piro or Siro Siro there. We might have the chance to see KiBum, their Eomma, or Hyung Jun there.

HnB’s website:

HnB’s twitter:

KiBum’s twitter:

Hyung Jun’s twitter:

Order online through here:

5th floor #501…Sweet Baby

English Address:
501 YooJin Building
13-7 NonHyeon-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-010

Korean Address:
서울시 강남구 논현동 13-7
유짐빌딩 501호

Thanks to @hl2412 at twitter for making this graphic on how to go to their company.

Kim Hyun Joong’s Jaksal Chicken Restaurant 1st Branch (Seokchon)/Directions

Kim Hyun Joong is the co-owner of Jaksal Chicken restaurant with his elementary school friends namely Kim In Yong and Im Jun Yeon. They are assisted by Choi Min Su, Kim Jeong Jae, Yun Hi Un, and the rest.

On KBS Secret, Kim Hyun Joong said, “Some have been with me for 19 years. We are practically like brothers.”

On K-Star News, Choi Min Su said the story behind the birth of Jaksal was, “When we (with KHJ) were younger, we did a lot of part time jobs. Among them, we had many part-time jobs in chicken restaurants, so during that time we said that we would open a chicken restaurant together when one becomes successful.

Here is a video of KHJ’s KBS Secret guesting last year with his friends making a surprise visit bringing 80 chickens to the studio for the guests and staff. You can see how cool their relationship even if KHJ reached stardom. His 4Dness strike again here with the paper-rock-scissor play.

Jaksal Chicken’s menu does not only consist of chicken but also includes KHJ’s favorites Tteokbokki (rice cake stew), Omoktang (fishcake soup), Mandutang (dumpling soup).

The first outlet was opened in the vicinity where Kim Hyun Joong grew up. As of to date, they have now 9 branches and more branches to come. The branch in Ilsan is being managed by Kim Hyun Joong’s parents.

The signboard of Jaksal.

Side View of Kim Hyun Joong having a meal at Jaksal

The owners, Kim In Yong, Kim Hyun Joong, and Im Jun Yeon.

Here is a BTS video of their photo shoot with KHJ the director. I super liked the MIB concept.

Korean Address:
서울독벌시 송파구 석촌동 171-9

English Address:
171-9 Seokchon dong, Songpa gu, Seoul

Telephone # : 02-415-5413/4.
Business hours 15:30 – 02:30

How to get there:

Taxi: If in Lotte World, Olympic Park, or Jamshil station area, you can take a taxi. The taxi fee would be less than 3,000 won.

Subway: Line 8, Seokchon station, Exit 7.
If you come out from Exit 7, go straight forward about 50 meters, make a right turn to first side street, and go another 50 meters from there, you can see the signboard on your left side(corner).

The HEART represents Jaksal.

KHJ fans like me, don’t forget to visit the branch when in Seoul, you might get lucky and see him their coz he visits when his schedule permits. Meet his friends who manages the branch too. They are cool.

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