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[Video] English-Subbed Official Broadcast of F4 Reunion at Jiang Su CNY Concert 2013


© Jiangsu TV 长江龙新媒体有限

Translations: yanaliao
Subtitles: xiaokhat


[Video/Translation] Official Broadcast of F4 Reunion at Jiang Su CNY Concert 2013

Thank you Jerrysh77 for editing it to the F4 part and uploading it at YT. Original video credit to JSTV.


Translation credit to yanaliao

Host: Please welcome F4!

F4: Hello everyone, we’re F4

Host: F4 has reunited. They’re back. I saw someone getting teary-eyed now…

Jerry: No, I’m just so happy (oo jerry happy rin kami…wahh) Coz I’m with my brothers, and saw their improvement, I’m so happy for them! I’m also very happy we had this opportunity. Thank you Jiang Su TV for giving us the chance to stand together onstage again.

ZZ: I feel the same way like you guys – Excited. It’s because everybody knows that among the four of us, I’m the one who loves to stick myself to other people, so 4 years ago after sticking with them, I didn’t have the chance to see them again. Now, I still wanted to stick with them. I also hope that we can stick to each other forever. I also hope that those who support us F4 will stick with us forever.

Host: Such sensible message

Vanness: Hi everybody! Happy New Year! What I really won’t forget is this scene, wherein all of the fans (friends) are here, I’m so touched. It’s been a long time but the people here are still showing us so much warmth, welcoming, supporting and loving us. Thank you so much for your love and support. We’re always F4, no matter what happens, we’ll always be here.

Host: That’s great! Next, Xiao Tian

(Ken: Fake cry )
Ken: Hi everyone, I’m Ken. It’s been 4 years since I have been onstage with my bros. I’m so happy and thankful that we had this chance, I hope that the four of us will have the opportunity to do a concert tour in China and let everyone join the fun, alright?!

Host: Alright, why not let the four of you put your hands together and let this be a mark of a promise that it should happen this 2013, alright?

ZZ: I hope this would really happen!

Host: If this time, during the Snake year at Jiang Su TV’s Spring Festival Show, we can make the four of them be the cast of MG again…

Host2: Really? Can we do that?

Host: If we can just let them all together say any one of the most classic line from MG.

Jerry: If sorry is useful, what do we need the police for?

Host: Lei

ZZ: If you’re about to cry…

Jerry: If you’re going to say that line, you should do the hand stand as well!

ZZ: If sorry is useful, what do we need the police for? Okay okay.. that’s Dao Ming Si’s line… alright alright… Hua Ze Lei, Hua Ze Lei…

ZZ: If you’re about to cry… Try to do the hand stand so your tears won’t fall down.

Host: Mei Zuo

Vanness: Isn’t our friendship stronger than anything else?

Host: Next, Xi Men

Ken: For me, a girl’s expiration is just a week

Vanness: Oh My god!!!

Host: That time, there were a lot of guys chasing girls were using their style of wooing, right?

Host2: In the end they weren’t able to chase those girls, coz their height weren’t even that close and they’re just so handsome

Host: Oh of course… But I’m curious, what do the four of you see in each other… how do you describe each other?

Ken: (pointing to Vanness) Young at heart. (pointing to zz) Weird lifestyle. (pointing to Jerry) Very boring

Host: What… you call Dao Ming Si what?

Ken: He’s just toooo boring

Host: too boring (everyone’s shouting).. VanNess can you say something, what changes have you seen from the 3 of them?

Ken: Taichi Zhang San Feng (Zhang San Feng is the head of Wu Dang Clan who mastered the Tai Chi Kung-fu)

Vanness; He loves to do the Taichi privately.

Host: Looks good on you! Zaizai is next

Vanness: The “Missing in action” guy

Host: Why, what happened?

Ken: True!!! He’s the King of “Missing in action”!

Vanness: This guy has a motorcycle which has been in my house for 3 years, I kept telling him to fetch it, he never fetched the thing!

ZZ: What???… (looking innocent) Everyone… Happy New Year, alright?! Let us all have a good luck during the snake year, alright?

ZZ: Vanness here… he’s always Mr. Muscleman, but what I really wanted to say is that he has a big mouth!

Vanness: and so…? (singing a song jie guo le, jie guo le… by: Da Mouth)

Host: You really have mutual understanding of each other

ZZ: Seriously, it’s been so many years now, and the only one who never changed is Vanness, coz he is… you know among the four of us, he’s the one who faces work positively.  He has a clear vision of what he wants to do and he never gives up on it.

Vanness: Thank you.

ZZ: Jerry is the sweetest, sometimes if for example we have a new series or a new movie out, he is the type of guy who never says a word but the flowers and well wishes are always there, he’s really very sweet. I don’t think I can talk about him further coz I can see in his eyes… that… he didn’t sleep well.

Host: Next is the one who wasn’t able to sleep well but it feels like his tears are already circling around his eyes—Jerry

Jerry: Xiao Tian… I have many things to say about Xiao Tian.  Today when we just met, he gave me a propolis, then I was a bit surprised because Xiao Tian, in the past… I owed him too much… really… really…

Host: Why is that?

Jerry: Because among the four of us, in terms of age, I’m the eldest, but emotionally, I am very childish and naïve. Maybe because in the past I’ve done so much and honestly I don’t have any experiences in coping with so many things, at the same time the gossips that were surrounding us were just too many, everyone’s just vulnerable to it, so I’m pretty sure when he was dealing with me that time, he was really having a hard time.

Host: So you mean, you wanted to say something like sorry to him? It’s because maybe before you were quite childish in some way?

Vanness: I think you guys need a hug here?

Host: Of course, that’s a given… you need to hug!

Ken: There are so many things that I do that is actually just to protect them.  Including that propolis I gave, I’m already accustomed to it, whenever I go out, I would think… oh no the four of us… I should bring 4 more bottles of this.

Host: propolis?

Ken: That propolis is a spray that takes care of the throat, I have them whenever we are going to sing something on a show

Host: Oh, it’s for his health as well

Ken: Yes, and also, now it’s not necessary but before, in my suitcase, I always bring a few set of clean and new pairs of socks and underwear.

Host: So you prepared those for them?

Ken: Yeah.  I’m just afraid someone might forget to bring or what, I would give it to them.   So before, when we were just starting, I used to do that.

Jerry: Coz zaizai is not fond of washing his underwear

ZZ: Is that for real?????

Ken: I would like to add, a while ago I just said that Jerry’s too boring, let me tell you, Jerry and I are of the same zodiac, I really understand coz I’m more boring. But I know Jerry, he just needs to bring out everything that he’s keeping inside, make it a big one, he should be brave and do that!

Host: I can feel that you guys are very good friends because only friends can understand each other that deep, only friends can forgive those who are sometimes missing in action  and only friends can remember those past bits and pieces.  So having the 4 of you stand on the stage together tonight, everyone felt that you guys have matured, but the fans are very curious about your “happiness”.  Let us have them say it by themselves what girls should match each of them.

Ken: For VanNess, I’m so envious.  He knows what he wants. Zaizai…

Zaizai: Aren’t we speaking for our own girl?

Host: Of course your bros should speak for you!

Ken: Zaizai… I think he needs a girl who could sometimes be his mother or his sister, she needs to be that flexible because I feel that zaizai is the most emotional among the four of us, there are things he can keep to himself, and he can keep it as long as he wants until one day he’ll just burst.  So I feel that he needs a girl who can understand this kind of mood swings.  A girl who can help him adjust his moods and emotions from this to that.

Zaizai: Wow… you’re the master… Thank you Director Zhu

Ken: Jerry, all I can say his love life is still a mystery to me.

Host: Don’t worry we all feel the same

Ken: But I feel that Jerry needs someone who is fierce.  He sometimes would like to back off on some things and he needs someone who can grab him and push him.

Host: The fans are very satisfied with Ken’s observation, how about the three of you, do you want to add something as well?

Vanness: I think it’s about right, we can start singing already.

Jerry: I want to see Xiao Tian’s little baby soon… should be really cute.  I hope he can already get married… really.

Vanness: He can take care of that baby for sure.

Host: Tonight onstage, I can feel your true feelings for each other, and these true feelings always melt the hearts of numerous fans out there, it makes them happy and tears of joy can be seen on their faces.  They’re happy to see the four of you together.

Host2: I hope that this will be a start, starting on Jiang Su TV’s Spring Festival.

Host: What song are you singing to us next?

Vanness: Di Yi Shi Jian (At First Place)

Vanness: This song is for all of you, Happy New Year! Thanks to Jiang Su, we will always be your… F4.


****F4! My first fandom that has changed my life in so many ways.  I met a lot of people and became friends (also international friends) because of them. Watching them perform again together after four years made me cry…brings back a lot of memories – good and happy. I will never forget them and I will always love F4. They have a very special place in my heart.

THANK YOU SO MUCH JIANGSU TV FOR MAKING THIS REUNION POSSIBLE!! You made F4 and us happy welcoming the year of the snake. More power to you!!!


For HD video, here is one from JSTV’s YT Channel JSTVFeichengwurao.  F4 part starts at 12:00 min.

[Video/Translation] “F4 Style” – Fans Asking F4 to Dance Gangnam Style at the F4 Reunion for Jiangsu TV Spring Festival 2013

Credit lorena080565 for uploading at YT. Originally uploaded at Youku.


Fans: Dance! Dance! Dance!

Vanness: Oppa Gangnam Style

Vanness: Let’s ask zaizai to dance!

ZZ: I dunno how to…

ZZ:’ All together?

Vanness: you know the four of us can’t dance at the same time….

Ken: Remember years ago during our preparation for a concert in HK, we practiced so hard to dance for a week, but in the end when those who came to approve our performance saw us, when we got off the stage the crews and our manager discreetly informed us, no need (to practice), it’s alright.So from that day on we never danced together as a group.
(Director started playing Gangnam Style

Vanness: Mr. Director, please don’t mock me anymore, alright? *joking*

*looks like they’re asking the director to stop the music.

*I can’t hear the next few conversations until Ken’s gesture was like he was praying, i think he is chanting “nan mo o mi tuo fo…” which is a Buddhist chant.

Fans: Take it off Xiao Tian, take it off, take it off!

Ken: What… take off what? My pants?

Fans: Take it off all together now! Take it off! Take it off! (Fans asking F4 to take their clothes off all at the same time.)

Credit translation to yanaliao if reposting 🙂

[Video] FanCam of F4 Singing at the Reunion Recording for Jiangsu TV Spring Festival 2013

Thanks to the generous fans who uploaded this video. I can’t just wait for the whole performance on Chinese New Year 2013.

Thanks Jerrysh77·for the upload on YT.

Thanks Jerrysh77·for the upload on YT, originally from tqingqingzijin at youku.

[Video/News] F4 Reunites at Jiangsu TV Recording for Spring Festival 2013 in Beijing

As we already know, F4 finally reunites last January 30, 2013 in Beijing for the recording of the Jiangsu TV Spring Festival 2013 which will be shown on Chinese New Year.

Here are is a short news video about the reunion. Credit to Jerrysh77.

Here is another news clip with a short interview with F4. Thanks to Jerrysh77 for uploading on YT, from 育民幼稚園.

Translation of the F4 Interview:

Jerry: I’ve heard of it then I thought it was a hoax again, coz I have agreed several times before but our skeds never met. Eventually everything was settled then I was still in disbelief thinking this is just a joke. Then when I was really on the plane that I got serious and thought its really happening, we are performing all together.

Zaizai: I’m so afraid that if I wait for another 10 yrs, we will be 40ish then, so the feelings we have towards this reunion is surely not less than how other people are feeling right now.

Ken: Recently, my moustache is already growing white strands… For the past years, we should be thinking and acting like mature adults now, but now that I’m reunited with my bros, it’s like going back to what I was before.

Vanness: I’m quite touched, it’s 12 years of happiness. I’m so thankful that they’re willing to share it with us.

Credit English Translation: yanaliao/Sunshine Uy