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[buzz KOREA Tour: Sancheong-Busan] Herbal Dishes Dinner in Donguibogam Village, Sancheong

I wrote entries about our experience in the 2013 World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival in Sancheong and about the other attractions found in Donguibogam Village before this.

Now, I’m going to share with you ourΒ Dongeuiyaksunkwan dinner. This dinner was offered at a restaurant in the Donguibogam Village to experience herbal dishes of Sancheong. We enjoyed a variety of dishes cooked with herbs, and the herbal dishes, ‘food that can be a medicine’, made of agricultural products (some are rare) and specialties of Sancheong.


It includes rare mushrooms that can only be found in the Jirisan Mountains. As these were herbal dishes, some tasted bland. πŸ™‚ But were lucky to be able to experience this, which we cannot order in Korean restaurants in Seoul or in my country, The Philippines. Plus the fact that just by looking how the food are arranged and decorated, it looked expensive.


deep fried black pig pork belly, squash soup, jeon(Korean pancakes), brown rice, and for dessert jelly and berries.


This is what our table looks like, lots of food and we couldn’t even finish it all. Yey finally we were seated in one long table.

After dinner, we were back to our bus and now traveled to Busan. More entries to come about Busan. πŸ™‚


[buzz KOREA Tour: Sancheong-Busan] Donguibogam Village, Sancheong

I posted before this our experience in the 2013 World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival (Sancheong) which is in Donguibogam Village. Now, let me share with you other attractions of this village and some natural scenic view of Jirisan Mountainthat we witnessed.


Exploring the village, you’ll see structures like these. From the tiger and bear legend, a large turtle to Korean children traditional games.


A water mill and windmill.


Different flowers along the way and hike.


An amazing lake with clear blue water surrounded by pine trees and flowers.


This scenic view of Sancheong.


This is the view of the whole village. Picture credit to buzz KOREA.

SANCHEONG MEDICINAL HERB HALL: This exhibition hall presents various rare medicinal liquid and medicinal plants, which grow in the area around Jirisan Mountain. Visitors can personally experience the ecology and effects of medicinal plants.


Pictures of some of the plants, which are good for the five intestinal organs.

Next entry will be our herbal dishes dinner. Look forward to that. πŸ™‚

[buzz KOREA Tour: Sancheong-Busan] 2013 World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival in Sancheong


The 2013 World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival in Sancheong that run from September 6 to October 20, 2013 is the first expo of the traditional medicines in the world, which is to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the publication of Donguibogam (Korean ancient medical book) and its registration on UNESCO Memory of the World program. The Donguibogam Village is so big. It has many halls and pavilions, a museum, restaurants, and even a healing town. With all these, visitors can also enjoy the natural scenic view of the Jirisan Mountain.

P1110006Me with a picture of Heo Jun, who is the Joseon‘s grand physician who set the foundations for traditional Korean medicine with his systematic compilation of its subjects in his greatest work, Donguibogam.

I am a fan of him actually. πŸ™‚ Before the trip, I finished the 135-episode drama ‘Gu Am Heo Jun‘ which is a remake of the 1999 drama Huh Joon about the dramatic life of the writer of the eastern medicine manual. It depicts the life story about a commoner who rose up the ranks to become a royal court physician.

Before we entered the Korean Medicine Experience Hall, some of us volunteered to try on the costumes of a traditional doctor and nurse. I was so excited to try on the nurse costume because I was also a fan of the drama, Great Jang Geum or Jewel In The Palace. The story was about 500 years ago during the time of Chosun Dynasty, a rigidly hierarchical and male dominated social structure. Based on a true story about a legendary girl (Jang Geum) who became the first woman to be the supreme royal physician of her times. Despite being a low class girl in the male dominated society, she overcame discrimination, became a royal cook, and later becoming the royal physician.


KOREAN MEDICINE EXPERIENCE HALL: Visitors can experience the secret health benefits delivered by Donguibogam through 12 programs such as trying healthy pillows, stress diagnosis, walking through a healing tunnel, foot bath/half immersion bath, soap making, and acupuncture, as well as through healing space that consists of various elements of cypress trees such as cypress leaves, liquid, and cypress sawdust.


We tried making soap, Hyangbijo, according to the method of Donguibogam. The mixture consists of agilawood, white sandalwood, dried clove buds, lysimachia foenum-graecum, and rhizoma kaempferiae with camphor and musk. Gleditsia powder and black glutinous rice jelly added. It will be mixed well and it will now be a soap. We left it for a while on the mold and then I got a heart-shaped with flower patterns soap.

VITALITY (GI) EXPERIENCE HALL: Meditation, gi exercise. writing of wishes, and experiencing the the mysterious GiΒ  Rocks (life energy) from Baekdudaegan. expo4

Here we tried meditation and getting our pulse evaluated if it was normal and experienced the mysterious energy from the big Gi Rock.

After this, we went to a restaurantΒ  for our dinner. But my next post will be about some attractions in Donguibogam Village that I would to share. πŸ™‚

[buzz KOREA Tour: Sancheong-Busan] Heuk Dwaeji (Black Pork) Samgyeopsal Lunch in Sancheong

Finally after the four-hour drive, we arrived in Sancheong. We stopped by a Korean restaurant near Donguibogam Village. Stomach rumbling and it was time to eat. πŸ™‚

We ate Heuk Dwaeji (black pig/pork) samgyeopsal for lunch, plus the delicious Banchan (side dishes) you see in Korean meals.


Samgyeopsal is the most popular pork dish among Koreans. Samgyeopsal is cooked on the grill with Kimchi, mushrooms, garlic, and onion. Koreans often enjoy the Samgyeopsal with Ssam. Ssam comes from the historic Korean food culture to wrap a variety of foods at once with a vegetable which has a wide leaf. The most common are the lettuce and perilla leaf.


Since Jessica and Shaima (from Indonesia and UAE in my team) cannot eat pork, they had Bibimbap. It literally means “mixed rice”. It is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautΓ©ed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste). A fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions. They are mixed together thoroughly just before eating.


That was the best Samgyeopsal I have tasted and we were full. πŸ™‚

After we ate, it was time to visit the 2013 World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival. See my next post.

[buzz KOREA Tour: Sancheong-Busan] Roadtrip to Sancheong and Rest Area

After the orientation, we started our road trip from KTO in Seoul to Sancheong. We enjoyed the beautiful sceneries on the way.


We rode on this limousine bus. It was very comfortable. Each team sat with their respective translators (Chinese, Japanese, and English teams) along with the KTO/buzz KOREA staff (with photographer and videographer) and Prain Global staff (who was organizing the tour on behalf of KTO). Jiyeoun unnie, our translator, sat with us the English team. Jessica and me beside each other and Shaima and unnie beside each other in front of us. We talked and familiarized ourselves.

As it was a four-hour drive, we stopped by a Rest Area after two hours for bathroom breaks, stretching, and to buy some snacks.


This is what a Rest Area looks like that are all over Korea’s national roads. How convenient it is for road trips. It has clean bathrooms, shops, convenience store, a variety of snack bars, and a foodcourt.

And we’re off again on the road….

[Travel Diary] buzz KOREA Tour: Sancheong-Busan, October 4-6, 2013

Last August I came across buzz KOREA‘s Facebook page and their website, and read about the Hot Summer & Hot Event that they had and the prize was a FREE trip to Sancheong and Busan on October 4-6, 2013 to people residing in Korea or was planning to visit Korea on those dates. As I had booked my flight last year to Busan from Manila and really was planning to attend the Busan International Film Festival 2013, I joined the contest and luckily I won. πŸ™‚ I was very thankful because my travel buddy backed out because of work and I had to travel alone, and it was my birthday on October 6 and I didn’t want to be alone in Busan (as my friends are based in Seoul).

Here is a short video made by buzz KOREA of the entire tour! Enjoy πŸ™‚

Let me share with your the tour organized by buzz KOREA and Korea Tourism Organization for 3 days and 2 nights.

Day 1:
Orientation at the KTO Headquarters in Seoul
Roadtrip to Sancheong and Rest Area
Heuk Dwaeji (Black Pork) Samgyupsal Lunch in Sancheong
2013 World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival in Sancheong
Donguibogam Village, Sancheong
Herbal Dishes Dinner in Donguibogam Village, Sancheong
The Westin Chosun Hotel, Busan

Day 2:
Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan
Seafood Lunch at Haelmulchunji, Buypyeong-dong, Busan
Busan International Film Festival Street, Streetfoods, and Shopping
Igidae City Natural Park
Sooyoungman Yacht Stadium and Yachting in Busan
Dinner at Gaya Milmyeon and Playing With Fireworks at Haeundae Beach

Day 3:
Barista Experience at The Busan Coffee Gallery
A Visit to The Shinsegae Centum City and Ice Skating at Shinsegae Centum City


And we traveled back to Seoul and bid our goodbyes and ended the tour.

Thank you buzz Korea and Korea Tourism Organization for choosing me to join the tour! I enjoyed it very much, it was a learning and unforgettable experience, and I met new friends who share the same passion of LOVING KOREA. Hope this was not the first and the last time for me to join your tours. ^_^

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