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[News] VanNess Wu’s OST Duet with 2PM’s Junho for ‘Tiamo Chocolate’

Finally was able to write something from my original fandom, F4 of Taiwan, which started the fangirl in me when Meteor Garden was aired in the Philippines almost nine years ago. An article at GoKpop for VanNess Wu, my #2 in F4 since Ken Chu is my #1 bias. β™₯β™₯β™₯

2PM’s Junho and Vanness Wu Release “Undefeated” for Drama OST

credit: maraiph/gokpop.com

Taiwanese pop singer/actor, Vanness Wu, has released his latest track “Undefeated” featuring 2PM’s Junho. The track was recorded for Vanness’ upcoming Taiwanese drama, “Tiamo Chocolate”.

Vanness has been very happy about being able to collaborate with 2PM’s Junho and he revealed that “I feel like I have lots of fate with Korea. In terms of acting, its been females, but for music, its first Kangta and now Junho. His Chinese enunciation is really accurate. Really thankful to Junho for being willing to cooperate and sing the song in Mandarin.” Their duet has won the praises of the producer as well, “Was surprise because we didn’t give him much time to practice Chinese and thus you can really see how serious Junho is!!! Vanness’ voice is very gentle and warm. Their collaboration is perfect.

The track was broadcasted on HIT FM on March 30th. To have further collaboration, the two of them also cleared their schedules to film an MV, with Junho planning to fly to Taiwan from April 2nd to April 4th.

Check out the OST track below!

I’m excited for the MV of this track and I’m also excited for the drama! πŸ™‚