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[News/Video] 2PM’s Junho and VanNess Wu Release “Undefeated” MV Teaser

I’m shoving in my article at GoKpop about VanNess‘ and 2PM’s Junho‘s 60-second teaser of their collaboration. All I could say that this is an awesome collaboration. I’ve learned Chinese from Kinder to Secondary school and was into CPOP before ~~Junho’s Chinese is really good. VanNess, my #2 bias on F4, damn still look hot and sexy after all these years.

2PM’s Junho and VanNess Wu Release “Undefeated” MV Teaser

As we previously reported, 2PM‘s Junho made a collaboration with Taiwanese singer/actor, VanNess Wu, for the OST of his Taiwanese drama “Tiamo Chocolate“.

We also reported that Junho flew to Taiwan first week of April to shoot for the MV of the said track, “Undefeated.” Both VanNess and the producer praised him for his excellent Chinese pronounciation.

On April 20th, the teaser has been revealed. VanNess posted on his Facebook, “Get to share with you. HD quality yo. So happy “Undefeated”. Wish you a happy weekend. VanNess vs 2PM Junho Undefeated official artists.

Here is the 60-second MV teaser and let us know what you think of it!


Here are some behind the scenes video. I just love how accommodating VanNess was on him. You can see here their good working relationship.

I can’t wait for the full MV! The song is really catchy! πŸ™‚