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JYJ, Honorary Ambassadors for Korean Medical Tourism and Visit Medical Korea website launch

Visit Medical Korea, the newly constructed platform for Korean Medical Tourism had its grand opening on October 1, 2014 at the Korea Tourism Organization TIC.

Hallyu stars and Honorary Ambassadors for Korean Medical Tourism, JYJ (Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu) were in attendance.


Photo credit to Korea Tourism Organization (https://www.facebook.com/visitkorea.jp)

JYJ with their handprints and these will be exhibited at Korea Tourism Organization TIC.

Video uploaded on YT by Jenn Won and news clip credit to TVdaily

The field of medical tourism has been increasing and tourists visit Korea not only for beauty/cosmetic surgery but also for herbal, wellness, health diagnosis and critical care. The website provides information on different medical tourism packages and services, online consultation, and information that would help tourists who visit Korea for medical services.

The website is currently available in Japanese, Chinese and English, according to KTO it will be available in Arabic, Russian, and Vietnamese soon.  In commemoration with the launch, the site is offering 20 to 50 percent discounts on health diagnosis, medical care, and medical tourism products. Detailed information on Visit Medical Korea website.

Follow Korea Tourism Organization on Facebook and Twitter, and Visit Korea’s website for more updates on Korea.

For Filipinos, you can follow the Korea Tourism Organization – Manila Office’s Facebook page, Twitter, and KakaoTalk (@ktomanila) for more details and updates on Korea tourism, events, and promos.


Hallyu Stars, JYJ visits the Gangnam Tourist Information Center and Rides the TrollyBus

Last September 18, Hallyu stars – JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu) visited the Gangnam Tourist Information Center in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

JYJGangnamTICpicture credit to Gangnam TIC

The Gangnam TIC provides various kinds of tourism services to local and international visitors dropping by the  Gangnam area.

On the first floor is the Tourist Information Center in the lobby , which offers information about tourist attractions, transportation and accommodations in the Gangnam area; and the Medical Tourism Center, which gives visitors more information on Korea’s high-tech medical tourism industry with trained professionals qualified to give you the information you need. It also has info on Korean traditional medicine, spa treatments, and other specialties.

On the second floor is the Hallyu Hall, which is full of Hallyu related content for visitors.  There is a K-Wave Experience Zone, with mock stages, professional hairdressers and makeup artists doing up tourists to look like their favorite KPOP stars, faux music video sets, and lots of photos and posters of KPOP stars. They have a lounge that is a replica from a set of the Korean drama, A Gentleman’s Dignity.

There is a gift shop and a coffee shop, Café Gre.

Check out this English-subbed video of JYJ visiting the center and they also tried riding the Gangnam City Tour Bus (TrollyBus). The bus covers popular tourist attractions in Gangnam including Bongeunsa Temple, Apgujeong Rodeo Street, Cheongdamdong Street, COEX, Convention and Exhibition Center, Dosan Park and major hotels in Gangnam.

Video by Gangnam TIC and uploaded on YT by JaeObsession/Cleo for the sub, crystalmoon64 for the translation

Address: 161, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Directions: Get off at Apgujeong Station (Subway Line 3), Exit 6, Go straight for approx. 150m (2 mins on feet)
More information at Visit Korea’s website

More information on the route and schedule at their website


Sincere Condolences to Yoochun

JYJ’s Yoochun and his brother, actor, Yoohwan

It was indeed a sad homecoming for JYJ member Park Yoochun after making a history as the first KPOP group to perform in Chile and Peru when he heard that his father passed away during their layover in LA en route to their flight back to Korea on March 14 due to chronic illness.

I felt very sad seeing his teary airport photos that day and I texted my friend(Jhing) who is a certified JYJ(Cass) fan, with YC as her bias and talked about the news. She of course felt much worse than me and I told her that this would make the bond of JYJ members much more stronger. I just couldn’t upload those sad pictures of him.

Come to think about it, YC’s father did wait for their tour to finish and died after when they were on their way back. He must be very proud of his son and he will always be watching him up there.

With this, I was really expecting that my bias Kim Hyun Joong would pay his respects to Yoochun’s father since JYJ are one of his closest friends in the industry(he has a few that considers). I read that he did attend the funeral and had been looking photos of that. Last night, somebody had uploaded a video of him that shows him going into the elevator to go up the funeral hall with his bodyguard, Mr. Jeong. Here is a GIF of that video.

Credit: http://ljead729.tistory.com/414

Several celebrities visited the funeral hall to condole with Yoochun and his family but due to media restrictions only a few were named.

From twitter: @yujini :其实这次去吊唁有天爸爸的人非常之多,因为媒体管制名字都没有透露,目前新闻爆出的有Alex,JUNO,KARA的妮可,韩智敏,吴承 贤,赵尚基,诺敏宇,洪赐天,郑硕元,郭容桓,陈赫,李泰成,洪京民,宋钟基,刘亚仁,全泰秀,崔明吉,宋玉淑,李起光,金贤重,金承佑等,当然还有一直 留守陪伴有天的俊秀在中和宋智孝,真的非常感谢 (translation from draculabobo: “@yujini: Actually there were a lot of people who went to Yoochun’s father wake, but because of media restrictions none of the names were published, currently there is news that among the people who went were: Alex, Juno, Kara’s Nicole, Han Ji Min, Noh Min Woo, Lee Tae Sung, Song Joongki, Yoo Ah In, Kwon Tae Su, Lee Ki Kwang, Kim Hyun Joong etc, and definitely the ones who have been staying by Yoochun’s side – Junsu, Jaejoong and Song Ji Hyo, really thankful to them.”) ~~~~(yoochun’s baidu forum, kim hyun joong’s baidu forum)

My sincere condolences to Yoochun and his family. Your appa is in a better place now with no suffering. BeStrongYoochun 😦