8 Faces of Korea, 8 Types of Trips: What’s your Dream Trip to Korea?

Imagine Your Korea is the Korea Tourism Organization‘s brand slogan and brand identity designed to better promote and communicate Korea’s tourist attractions to international tourists.

This year’s TVC of Korea Tourism Organization starring Hallyu Star, Korean model-turned actor, Lee Jong Suk, the 2017 Honorary Ambassador of Korea Tourism, is sharing his own 8 ways to enjoy Korea. It is ‘8 faces of Korea, 8 types of trip! What’s your dream trip to Korea?’

Here are my Top 3 video clips among the 8!

To explore famous and symbolic attractions of Korea, “Signature Korea.”

(Jeonju Hanok Village, Gwanghwamun, Changdeokgung Palace, DDP)

For a real experience of Korea, “Documentary Korea.”

(Myeongdong Streetfoods, Banpo Bridge and Market, Cart Bar in Yeosu, Hidden alleys of Ikseondong)

For a journey to dream land, “Fantasy Korea.”

(Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road, Boryeong; Bamboo Forest, Damyang; Woljeong-gyo Bridge, Gyeongju; Ihotaewoo Beach and Saryeoni Forest, Jeju)

Watch all eight clips of “8 faces of Korea, 8 types of trip” and participate in their event for a chance to win a round trip ticket to Korea.

Here is how:
1. VISIT the link here: www.imagineyourkorea.com
2. WATCH each video
3. SELECT and VOTE for your favorite video(s) (up to three)
4. SHARE the video(s) you voted for on your SNS

Follow Imagine Your Korea on Facebook  and Instagram (@imagineyourkorea), and their website.

Follow Korea Tourism Organization on Facebook and Twitter, and Visit Korea’s website.

For Filipinos, you can follow the Korea Tourism Organization – Manila Office’s Facebook page, Twitter, and KakaoTalk (@ktomanila) for more local updates on Korea tourism, events, and promos.

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